8 Possible Reasons Why You May Be Missing Out On GOD’s Blessings

Does it look like you are missing out on GOD’s blessings? Why are others sharing lots of testimony and you are not? You may be hearing of so many testimonies of GOD’s blessings upon people’s life, but can’t find any in your own life.

It could be very frustrating when you seem not to be experiencing the realities of GOD’s grace, is it that He doesn’t love you or care about you? Far from it, as a matter of fact He loves you more than you can imagine.

If GOD really loves and care about me why I’m I not been blessed then? Hold on! That’s what you are about to find out from this article, and I know that after you finish with this article you will see your heaven open, so that you can begin to enjoy GOD’s blessings. I will be revealing to you why you may not be experiencing the blessings of the grace of GOD, this will help you see clearly the faults and will help you fix them.

There is this miracle money and miracle wealth saga that connotes overnight prosperity going on in churches today. People are asked to pray for miracle bank alert, the people are been prophesied over for miracle cash most at times. This beats my imagination and sometimes makes me wonder what we are up to these days.

In as much as GOD blesses his children financially and otherwise, miracle money or miracle wealth as the case may be is nowhere in GOD’s plan. It is therefore an error to think of such, there is nowhere in the scripture where GOD blessed people by conjuring money from nowhere. There is also no scriptural backing for such. On top of that our GOD is a GOD of principles, just as He desires to bless His children He plans is to bless their labour, the works of their hands Deuteronomy 28:12.

The bible tells us that GOD gives His children the power to make wealth not conjure wealth Deuteronomy 8:18. A GOD who says there is no food for a lazy man cannot bless a person who is idle. So don’t join the band wagon of those praying a lazy man’s prayer that never passes the ceiling.

Do you know that you don’t pray for GOD’s blessings as some people assume? You don’t fast or buy anointing oil for it; you walk into divine blessings by following the laid down principles.

So if you are not being blessed here are the reasons why; see to it that you address them and then you will open the windows of heaven for yourself

1, When you are not productive and refuse to take responsibilities

From the abundance of productivity comes prosperity, there are no two ways about it. Even the bible backs it up by saying that GOD blesses the works of our hands Deuteronomy 28:12. GOD blesses people who take responsibilities towards productivity. When we fail to take responsibilities we hinder GOD’s blessings in our lives, we can’t fold our hands and expect GOD to bless us irrespective of the miracle money saga going on in various churches today, where pastors are praying miracle bank alert over members. GOD doesn’t bless people from tin air, He needs to place His blessings on something and that’s the works of your hands.

Work that adds value to humanity and brings glory to GOD receives unreserved blessing from GOD

To attract GOD’s blessings, you need to use your GOD given potentials and resources for productive and value adding work. Whatsoever you decide to do GOD is committed to cause His blessing to overflow in it, so long that work brings Him glory. GOD will not bless any business that destroys lives and destinies, because such will not bring Him glory. So engage yourself in something that adds value and dignity to the life of others and see GOD move in your own life like never before.

Don’t sit around and say there is no employment, look up to GOD for ideas, look within you also for creativity. GOD gives direction by His Word, go to Him and He will lead you to your purpose where you will break forth into abundance.


2. When you are not giving

GOD’s blessings are not for us alone, as a matter of facts GOD blesses us so that we can become a blessing to others. Psalm 24 reveals the truth to us by telling us that GOD will make our cup run over, that is GOD’s plan is to cause an overflowing blessing in your life so that others will benefit from it.  That’s the sole reason for divine blessings, so when greed and selfishness creeps in, then GOD is not there. To be a person positioned for GOD’s blessings don’t be a “me, myself and I” kind of person. Such mindset cannot lead to progress.

If you want more then give more, I often say to people that if they want to enjoy GOD’s blessings then they should be ready to be a blessing to others. You know why? GOD is not going to come down from heaven to bless us, He does it through men and so if you want helpers in life help others.

Giving is the means by which we become a blessing, so choosing to become a blessing is an automatic license to divine open doors because GOD loves a cheerful giver. When we give, we free up spaces in our lives to receive more. You must know that GOD wants you to be distributor of wealth and resource not just a consumer because wealth comes when we are committed to distributing. Therefore the greatest key to overflowing blessings is to decide to be a channel of blessings to others, this is what those who are in the world know and use that we do not know.


3. When you waste and abuse resources, time and opportunities

Another reason that halts divine blessings is waste and abuse, a person who wastes and abuse opportunity is not responsible.  Jesus said that He that has, much more will be given to him but he who does not have (is wasteful) even what he has will be taken from him Matthew 25:29. This is one of the reasons why so many people are poor today because of waste and abuse.

All that GOD gives you in this world ranging from wealth, health, potentials, opportunities and every other thing are resources to fulfill your GOD given purpose. So when you waste them GOD is not committed to giving you more, the bible says that he that is faithful in little GOD will give that person more Luke 19:17.

GOD doesn’t like waste, so never waste time, opportunities and resources or your gift. Many a times we waste precious time meant for productivity. Many other times we waste money meant for work on trivial things. With such behaviour one will always lose life transforming moments, this is why GOD’s blessings pass people by.

4. When you are Inconsistent

The bible says that the double minded cannot receive anything from GOD James 1:6-8, you need to make up your mind on something and decide on what to begin to do.

GOD directs but the decision is entirely yours, so you ought to be steady and focus. Choose where you belong through GOD’s direction and follow it.

When we do not know what we are doing, when we run from pillar to post and not consistent we miss GOD’s blessings. Do you know that one of the secrets of success is consistency? Paul said in Philippians 3:13-14 this one thing I do, I discard every other thing and I pour all my energy into this one thing.

Jesus also said, for the singular reason I have come into the world to die in other to give my life as a ransom for many. You see, these are people of one thing, one specific purpose and they focused on it with all they have.

I’m not saying that you can’t do other things, but no jack of all trade gets blessed. I have a friend who wants to do everything, He wants to grab all opportunity he finds but we forget that all opportunities are not for us, just pick the ones in your area of expertise and gift. Then focus your energy and follow them up.

When you begin to pursue everything you will definitely become inconsistent and miss GOD’s blessings, so please focus so that GOD will release His blessings on you.


5. When you are unfaithfulness to GOD

Only the faithful with GOD gets reworded by GOD, This is the simply the truth. The bible emphasized the importance of being faithful more than 50 times in the New Testament alone.

Faithfulness means loyalty to GOD and the commitment to the assignment He has committed into your hands. Serving GOD goes beyond going to church on a Sunday morning or attending bible study.

Serving GOD is beyond your position in church, but rather what you do with your life and the opportunities that GOD brings before you. When GOD sees you, what do you think He will say to you, “well-done” or “go way I know you not”?

Little wonder did Jesus tell us to love The LORD our GOD with all our heart, soul and mind. Because it takes love towards GOD to be faithful to Him, do you love GOD and is your lifestyle showing it? This is what brings the unreserved and overflowing blessings of GOD

6. When you are disobedience

For me there is no greater sin than disobedience; it’s the father and mother of all sin. That’s how I see it, when we are disobedient we can’t receive blessings from GOD. As a matter of fact, GOD is not a magician He blesses us by divine instruction. GOD leads us to our place of profiting but when we fail to obey GOD we begin to move backward instead of forward Jeremiah 7:24.

When you fail to heed to His instruction how can you be blessed? Your blessings are tied to your obedience to GOD’s instruction. Following His leading is the sure way to be fruitful.

HE said to Abraham, leave your family to the place I will show you, there I will establish you. The bible said Abraham obeyed, had he not obeyed he wouldn’t have been blessed.

All of Abraham’s blessings were tied to His obedience to GOD’s instructions, leading and guidance, and that is what faith is, because our faith in GOD is demonstrated by our obedience. For the bible says Abraham believed (had faith) and obeyed GOD and it was accounted to Him as righteousness Hebrews 11:8, Romans 4:22. GOD can’t ask us to go right and we go left, such is rebellious and won’t lead to His blessings.

7. When you are not just taking note of the blessings

So many times we are carried away by the things GOD has not done that we forget to appreciate GOD for the things He is doing and has done. If you sit back to really take a good look at your life and all that surround you, you will see the LORD’s goodness.

It’s so unfortunate that we realize most of GOD’s blessings when we lose them, just as the saying goes that we rarely value what we have until it’s gone. Learn to appreciate what you have because appreciation brings multiplication, but ingratitude brings depreciation. People lose what they ordinarily are not supposed to lose because of their lack of sense of appreciation. How? You may ask, I will tell you.

When you have a sense of appreciation you naturally nurture that blessings into multiplication, but when you do not value that blessings, that blessing withers. Just like plant, your sense of gratitude waters your blessings.

8. When you are impatient and too hasty

Many a time we miss GOD’s blessing because we take things into our hands, we worry and are overcome with fear that we begin to do things in too much haste that we miss GOD’s move. The bible asks us not to be wise on our own, but in all that we do we should acknowledge the LORD and He will direct our path. Don’t feel that the LORD is slow so that you have to take your life in your hands, learn to wait upon the LORD because He knows the best and His timing is the best.

Today patience is a virtue we have lost, but you need to realize that it’s a virtue you cannot do without if you must succeed. No matter the form the world has taken today in the sense that everything is moving fast, we can’t do without patience because it’s a virtue indeed.



Address these things and see yourself breaking forth in abundance of blessing, check your life to see if any of these is playing out. Fix it immediately and see GOD uplift you to great heights, the people who live by these principles are those who GOD put in authority and I pray that GOD will do the same for you in Jesus name.


Why You Shouldn’t Lose Hope and How You Can Rise Again

Do you know that if our hope is gone every other thing in our lives comes to an end including our very lives? Our sense of hope is what keeps us moving in life, so it’s important that we keep it alive.

I can categorically say that hope is the life line of a person; this is why when a person loses hope saving that person is really not possible.

Loss of hope means self-defeat and not until there is self-defeat one can’t be defeated or subdued, this is why the devil fight no other thing in our lives than our hope and faith.

The devil knows that if you lose hope he has defeated you eventually, he does everything to contend with our faith.

He tries to lie to you and makes you see all the reasons to give up hope on GOD, your dreams, pursuits and aspiration in life. But GOD asks us to resist him steadfastly by our faith 1 peter 5:9.

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What I’m about to share with you changed my life and perspective generally and it will certainly change yours.

It could be very scary when all your hope is gone, little wonder did the bibles says that a broken spirit no one can bear and the hope deferred makes the heart sick Proverb 13:12, 17:22.

Many a times we are faced with hope dashing challenges; you might have lost it all, you might have found yourself trapped in a situation you never planned or bargained for and it may just look like all is over.

You may have gone or are going through the worse and most shameful moments in your life, a stain to your name and reputation perhaps. Never mind, what matters is the future and what you make out of your life now hence forth. You will definitely heal again so just wait for it, you also have the reaming days of your life to redeem yourself.

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I will help you see through this article the reasons why you need to be hopeful and courageous again, because you really need it to go through life and to fulfill your destiny.


Why you shouldn’t give up



1. GOD is in control and His watchful eyes are over you to see you through, He has a plan and purpose for your life irrespective of whatsoever

He that does not sleep or slumber watches over you and He that knows the end from the beginning got you covered, GOD will never allow any burden that you can’t bear overcome you.

Someone told me what I will never forget in a hurry, he said that GOD will not allow the devil take away what He cannot give you back. GOD got you covered even when you do not understand what’s going on, GOD does.

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2. Everything that has a beginning has an end, no condition is permanent,  So the pain and difficulty is only but for a moment

What may be negative today can turn positive tomorrow; this is why you do not need to judge your life base on today’s circumstances.

Life changes my friend and the tides always turn around, when I learnt this great lesson I transited from worrying into having faith the more and pressing on.

The bible tell us that a righteous man may fall seven times but he shall rise again, so it doesn’t matter where you are today or what you are going through at the moment, it can change and it will definitely change for good.

3. Life is in stages and there are time and season for everything

The book of ecclesiastic chapter three tells us of the time and seasons of life, it gives us the idea that life is full of ups and down. So long as you live on the earth you will definitely go through the phases of life.

I have come to learn that there are some cups you must drink of and it will never pass away until you drink them.

It won’t kill you rather it will build you up, and if you don’t face difficulties in life you won’t understand life and you won’t be strong. So GOD allows these things so that we can get wise and strong in other for you to fulfill your purpose.

That is why the bible never said “if” you pass through the water or fire but it says “when” you pass through the water or fire they will not destroy you Isaiah 43:2.

So it’s a matter of when not if and you know that the word “when” means it will happen but it’s only a matter of time.

4. Everyone has His own timing, you are unique and you have your own life programmed and planned by GOD

Someone said to me that when GOD makes you wait, His only keeping you for the latest. When your time comes you will definitely surpass all those people who seem to be ahead of you, there is no need to be envious or jealous of others or compare yourself with others. Never weigh your life on other people’s scale

They have their life and you have yours, everyone came into the world at their own predestined time.  So therefore everybody will not manifest at the same time, and that you are slower than your peers doesn’t mean you are not moving forward, of course you are.

As a matter of fact, most times people with a great destiny are slower to develop because of the size of their manifestation. So relax and hope on GOD.

5. It’s not always an easy road, so brace yourself

Achieving your dreams and destiny is not going to be easy, tough times will definitely come. The storm will come and it may knock you down as many times as possible, but it can’t keep you down forever.

You may be knocked down but not crushed, you may be injured but not defeated and you may be weak and tired but not retired, and GOD will not allow you to be destroyed because you trust Him.


Take these actions


6. Prepare yourself for life by developing a thick skin

Don’t ask for an easily life instead work to be stronger, young people are committing suicide these days like never before because they are simply not prepared for life.

Things will not go the way you want them to be sometimes, they may take longer than you expect. Sometimes you just need to prepare for the worse and expect the best.

You know, I have a shock observer that helps me wage off all kind of negative feeling and energy, and that is to always consider the worst case scenario in all the things that I do.

I work hard towards excellence, but when things don’t go as I have planned what I do is to cheer myself up and continue until it works, by so doing I’m prepared for anything.

7. Don’t conclude on your life base on today’s temporary trials instead focus on the future

Don’t make a permanent decision based on a temporary problem, don’t put a full stop where GOD has put a comer. Don’t say it’s the end of the road when GOD says it’s only a bend.

You know, I used to give into my feelings; Judging and deciding based on how I felt at the moment only to regret it later on, but when I saw the bigger picture I understood better. So don’t make decisions you will live to regret.

If you fix your gaze on your current situation you may be worried and feel defeated, instead look ahead into the future and GOD’s promises. The bible gave us a secret saying that Jesus was able to bear the pain of the cross because He fixed His gaze upon the glory He will receive in the near future Hebrews 12:2.


8. Just keep pushing, adapt and be flexible and if you keep on; in time you will see the result

The only situation where a temporary challenge becomes permanent is when you give up and stop pressing forward, if you don’t stop and if you don’t give that situation a chance over you, very soon you will come out of it.

I hope you know that it’s not the final blow that shatters a rock? It is rather all the blows put together beginning from the very first blow

Just keep pursuing your dream and never give up, be serious at whatsoever it is.  I tell people all the time to keep doing the right thing, keep build that good name; keep pushing and one day it will definitely work out.


9. Only be patient and persistent because you will succeed

Where we miss it sometimes is that we easily give up, sometimes when we are very close to success. These days we just lack the virtue of patience and persistence basically because of what society is today. A world where everything is moving fast has cost us to lose the value of patience and persistence.

Opportunities come to everyone at some point in time, that time when GOD turns the lines for you in pleasant places. But will He find you waiting on Him patiently and persistently when that very hour comes?

Jesus teaches us the power of patience and persistence with these two great stories

Jesus taught us in Luke 18 of the enormous power of persistence and patience with the story of the Judge and the widow who wanted Justices from the Judge. From that story the widow pressed on persistently until the judge acted, and she got Justices from a tough Judge who actually listens to no one and doesn’t fear GOD.

Another one was when Jesus encountered a woman from Canaan who wanted healing for her child; she got Jesus to yield to her plea because she persisted Matthew 15:22-28.

Jesus showed us how persistence and patience gets things done without fail and the two virtue work hand in hand.

10. Don’t put your hope on the things you see but put you faith in GOD and His Word

The bible is right by saying that we should live by faith and not by sight, why? Sight could be deceptive you know…..

The bible tells us not to be moved by worry but we should simply pray asking GOD what we need, If you do this GOD will give you peace that your mind cannot explain which will cause you to sprout and blossom again Philippians 4:6-7.

Pray always because strength and extraordinary changes come through prayer

The bible urges us to pray always without ceasing and to emphasize the importance of prayer Jesus said we ought to pray and not faint.

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All these are what you need to know and do when life challenges truck, when you begin to feel hopeless. Know that everything will be fine, so hang on and keep believing, stay on GOD’s Word and promises. Keep working as well and GOD will see you through.



My Prayer for you

May GOD keep you and strengthen you, may he remove every mountain before you and make every crooked way straight before you. May He put His angels charge over you and give you peace, all these I pray in Jesus name.

Prayer Point
  1. Pray for divine strength and enablement
  2. Ask GOD to give you victory over your challenges
  3. Ask GOD to direct and guide you towards victory