GOD’s Way to Overcoming Addictions, Ungodly and Destructive Habits (Part 2)


I hope you have read the first part of this series on overcoming addictions destructive and ungodly habit? if not kindly go back to the part one before reading this part 2 for better understanding. follow this link below to read the part one

GOD’s Way to Overcoming Addictions, Ungodly and Destructive Habits (Part 1)



2. As GOD raise you up by His grace, start making changes as GOD leads and strengthens you

This is where some self-help and motivation therapy comes close, they jump the first part I just discussed which is the foundation. If know the purpose of foundation you will agree with me that every builder builds in vain if there is no solid foundation and nothings stands without a good foundation.

GOD has that solid foundation upon which you can build your life and you are guaranteed of a safe and secured life.

More over as you call upon GOD for help, you need to know that prayer and faith without work leads to frustration. GOD intervenes in your challenges by giving you strength and direction, and you on the other hand ought to follow with action according to the grace GOD has given you.

So here are the things you need to do that will completely help you overcome and break away from that addiction and destructive habit.


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Disassociate from every link to your old ways

The Bible asks us to flee every appearance of evil, GOD asks us not to be conformed to the standard of world Romans 8:1.

This is GOD’s number one instruction as He leads you to breakthrough, you need to separate yourself from that former atmosphere, environment and the company you associated with whether people, activities or place.

To remain in that atmosphere or with that company or association as the case maybe means no breakthrough, to stay with such people who you once hanged out with, who motivates you to such ungodly activities is to remain in that bondage.

Never forget that the environment and atmosphere that surrounds you plays a great role in your breakthrough or bondage.

The Bible tells us not to walk in the former way we once walked, the Bible also tells us that we are new creation and that old things are passed away. So you really need to do away with your old ways if you want to have an enduring breakthrough, the only remedy the bible prescribe for sin and whatsoever that is ungodly is to flee

Whatever you know has always been a stumbling block simply avoid it.

Regulate what goes into your mind as the Bible say that we should guide our heart with all diligence for out of it come the issues of life.

Your mind is a powerful tool, your breakthrough or bondage begins from there. When I started to address some of my addictions and weakness, the Spirit of GOD instructed me to cut out and filter the things I watched and listened to.


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Connect with the right people especially believers

As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend Proverbs 27:17.

GOD do not want you to face life alone, this is why He gives us a family of believer and asked us to fellowship together.

In as much as you need to separate from your old environment and association, you need not be alone. So connect with like-minded, spirit filled and focus believers.

In times of struggle you definitely need people to confide in for support and encouragement

GOD never intended for us to bear our burden alone, this is why He asked us to be our brother’s keeper and the Bible encourages us to bear one another’s burden Galatians 6:2.

In a time when you are going through a transition; prayers, comfort, support and counsel from other believers are very helpful.

On the other hands when you are around people who are of one mind and purpose who are growing and moving upward and forward in the LORD, it serves as a great motivation and strength to you.

As you fellowship with them you are edified, I hope you can see why you need to attended a bible believing church regularly?

Sunday schools, home fellowship, small groups of believers are very helpful in your  growth and development process as you transit from the bondage of addictions and wrong habits to your breakthrough

It helped me a lot because trust me; you will need to feed a lot on the truth of GOD’s Word which renews and nourishes your mind for a total life transformation.


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3. Feed your mind with the Word of GOD regularly

There are two reasons why the Word of GOD is very vital for your breakthrough from addiction. First, the Word of GOD holds the power to heal you from any condition you find yourself, even from that struggle.

It’s not just a mere word written in a book, within those letters in the bible are stored the almighty power of GOD that is able to cause a shift and change in your life forever. It heals psychological, biological and spiritual infirmity.

Secondly, it holds moral and sound lessons you can follow and apply, which stand as guiding Principles for a successful life, it’s the epitome of the truth.

What gets into your mind matters a lot for your breakthrough so feed your mind rightly

Your thought determines your actions and your actions determine your lifestyle. This is why the bible tells us to meditate on things that are lovely, good, pure and true Philippians 4:8

To be frank with you, there is no better place to find such valuable and life changing things to meditate on other than the Word of GOD. Because it’s pure and true as well as powerful, it best serves as the food for your soul.


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You also need a renewed mind in other to break away from that challenge and feeding on the Word of GOD is what helps you do that

Feeding your mind with the right things plays a major role in your breakthrough, if you will agree with me, you will discover that you once lived the ways you did because of the way you thought. New thinking brings new behavior eventually bringing new habit and new lifestyle.

Meditate on the Word of GOD often to feed your mind

The Word of GOD can only be effective in your live when we meditate on it. When the Word sinks into your soul it brings transformation and healing. Just as the Bible rightly said that it is the implanted Word of GOD that saves your soul James 1:21. So it’s not just the Word of GOD you hear or read, but the one that sticks in your heart.

Through meditation you get the Word of GOD into your hearts for healing.

Jesus used the parable of the seed sower to illustrated the importance of the implanted Word of GOD, He states it clearly with the parable that the Word that produces result is the one that is implanted in your heart not just the one you hear Matthew 13:3-9,18-23.


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So it’s about receiving and not just hearing the Word of GOD, so then let the Word form a new way of thinking in your heart to change you from within.

Do well then to always meditate on the Word of GOD, and GOD’s prescription is to meditate on His Word day and night which means at all times.

Let the Word of GOD be across your mind always and the devil will never again have the room to sow any evil thing into your mind.

But you can only meditate on the Word of GOD if you have studied it

Joshua 1:8 tells us of the result that comes out of meditation on GOD’s Word, let me explain what GOD said in that passage.

In Joshua 1:8 GOD is literally saying that if you want to prosper and have good success in all that you do, you need to meditate on His Word day and night. You can meditate on the Word of GOD only if you first study it.

So give yourself to studying the Word of GOD, so that you can have the truth to meditate on. GOD teaches us in Romans 8:1 that transformation begins with a renewed mind and renewal of the mind comes from studying and meditation on the Word of GOD.


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4. Focus on building your Spirit man now that GOD has rescued you

Focusing on building your Spirit man is the way to stay above the strongholds of addictions and ungodly habits.

That GOD delivered you from that stronghold and bondage doesn’t mean that they will not try to come back. But if you live by the Spirit they will have no effect on you anymore because they simply can’t entice you anymore. We overcome temptations of the flesh only when we are living in the Spirit Galatians 5:16

While you live according to the leading of the Holy Spirit your whole being is charged, new and godly properties fill your mind and a higher course enters your soul. You will no longer have joy and pleasure for worthless things of the flesh. The presence of the Holy Spirit makes sin and all ungodly things irritate you

To stay free and enjoy your deliverance, building your spiritual man is the key

You can’t dwell in the flesh and completely overcome addiction and destructive habits. Addictions and ungodly habits being the work of the flesh cannot be subdued in the flesh but in the spirit, so focus on building and growing in the Spirit.

Growing in the Spirit is a gradual process of daily spiritual exercise, as you grow in Spirit you become dead to sin because the outward man dies for the inward man to live.

When this begins to happen you completely break free from power of the flesh and all its passion, remember that addictions and all ungodly habits which are destructive are of the flesh.





These are the four steps to overcoming ungodly habits and addictions that endanger your life and hinder your progress. These precepts have been tested and it works, following them will change your life and completely make you free.

Take a glance at the four steps to overcoming addictions, ungodly and destructive habits again;

  1. Admit your helplessness and weakness to GOD
  2. As GOD raise you up by His grace, start making changes as GOD leads and strengthens you
  3. Feed your mind with the Word of GOD regularly
  4. Focus on building your Spirit man now that GOD has rescued you


My Prayer for you

May GOD our Father who is full of compassion and mercy heal and deliver you, may He save you with His own right hand and strengthen you. May He also give you more grace, all these I pray in Jesus name, Amen.


Personal Prayer Point

  1. Ask GOD for forgiveness and also ask that He cleanse you from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9)
  2. Ask GOD to intervene and deliver you
  3. Ask GOD to give you the strength and grace to follow His leading

GOD’s Way to Overcoming Addictions, Ungodly and Destructive Habits (Part 1)

Do you know that many challenges we face today are not necessarily the work of the devil or some evil forces but our lifestyle? Some ungodly and destructive habits and addictions cause 90% of the problem people face today.

GOD doesn’t want you to be addicted to anything because it’s not good for your well-being, He doesn’t want you to be under the power of anything or enslaved by anything again having freed you by His sacrifices on the cross and by giving you a new life.

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Little wonder did the bible tell us to be temperate in all things 1 Corinthians 9:25. When the bible asks us to be temperate, it is saying that you need to be moderate in all things having self-control. This is one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit dwelling in you Galatians 5:22-23.

I really want you to know that every addiction and destructive habits are ungodly, that is why GOD gave you His Spirit so that you can be free completely from anything that holds you bound.

More also that is why the Holy Spirit is also called the Spirit of freedom, because where ever the Holy Spirit is there is freedom 2 Corinthians 3:17.



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What’s an addiction anyway and why is it ungodly?

Whatsoever that has control over you that you can no longer restrain yourself from, even when you know of the adverse consequences is an addiction.

Such habits are destructive therefore they are ungodly, whether it is the excessive consumption of alcohol, food, hard drugs and other substances or some certain activities such as watching unhealthy contents over the internet and some ungodly practices just to name a few.

Why you need to break away from addictions, ungodly and destructive habits and lifestyle?

One good thing you should always think of all the time is the consequences of your actions before you take them, an ungodly lifestyle is destructive.

GOD forgives but the consequences of our actions are not removed, you know that whatever a person sows he must reap. This has always been my guiding principle in life.

Sin, wrong habits and addictions attract unavoidable consequences.

People today are going through difficulties and challenges they can’t understand because of the seed they sowed.

A lot of ladies are addicted to taking drugs because they want to prevent or abort pregnancies, because they don’t want to abstain from premarital sex. Study has shown that such drugs destroy the womb or at least delays conception for about 16 to 20 years.

Some guys as well are of the habit of taking hard drugs and alcohol excessively, this also destroys the internal organs and such habit also damages the general health of a person.

Studies have shown that as the human body ages and get old the body gets weaker, which is where the adverse effect of all the drugs and all kind of substances excessively consumed over the years begins to affect the health.

People think because they are young they can do anything, forgetting that all the consequences of their actions over the years will show up tomorrow unannounced. We can only escape the consequences tomorrow if we avoid those acts today.


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The consequences of sin, wrong habits and addictions are not just physical but are also spiritual

When GOD asks us to forsake sin, He says it only for our own good. The consequences of ungodly lifestyle precede the physical, it’s also has spiritual implications that result in afflictions and strongholds eventually leading to destruction of lives and destinies.


Are you struggling with addiction and destructive habits?

Have you been trying to overcome it on your own? Perhaps with your will-power as some motivation series try to teach and make you do?

In as much as motivation series and therapies are good and helpful, it’s very limited in helping you breakthrough. Why? Because addictions are foundational problems and only GOD can effectively deal with foundation problems once and for all.

This is what people fail to understand, if the foundation be destroyed there is nothing anyone can do. I’m not against therapies but there are limits it can go, they only make you struggle through that challenge. They teach you to put up a fight against it, of which the effect is short lived.

Apostle Paul cried out saying; those things I desire to do, I’m never able to do, but those things I detest and no longer want to do those are what I find myself doing Romans 7:15, 19

He seemed fed up at the time just as many of us feel, you may have tried but you keep falling back into the same mess over and over again. Paul understood that only GOD could deliver us in such a situation Romans 7:24-25.


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Let’s look at it this way, how about I show you how to get rid of that habit and addiction without even putting up a fight in the first place?

Let’s check it out, because this worked for me it will also work for you. Everyone has something they struggle with, however what I will show you helped me out and I can boost only in the LORD that now I’m not under the power of anything anymore.


How to break away from addictions, ungodly and destructive habits

1. Admit your helplessness and weakness to GOD

Why does GOD ask us to admit and confess our faults and sin? I thought about it lately and I have come to discover that when we admit and accept that we are wrong, there is every possibility of changing. GOD understands your struggles believe me and His more than ready to help you

By admitting your faults, you state it clearly and demonstrate that you need help and that you are open for assistance. It shows that you are willing to change, even when you don’t have the power to do so and do not know how to go about it.

Your wiliness is all GOD wants to see, your willingness for a change and that is what repentance is all about.

So when you admit your fault and weakness, you open yourself up for divine help. GOD wants to help you but the question is are you ready? If you are, then the journey to change and breakthrough begins.

All you need is a genuine desire for a divine intervention that brings change, and GOD will just take it up from there. That is why the scriptures tell us that the tasty are those who get the touch of GOD.  It takes a burning desire for GOD’s touch in other to have an encounter with GOD, the psalmist tells us this in Psalm 63:1-2.


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Ask GOD for help in prayers

This is what has helped me defeat many life challenging situations, I have been able to break away from habits that are not helpful to me by first asking for help from GOD.

Often time you may be faced with a situation that is more than you can handle and you know that only by some kind of divine intervention can you break through.

Be honest about your challenges to GOD in prayer

Talk to GOD about it because He is the one person in the universe that understands, GOD doesn’t just sympathize with you like people do He helps you out.  On top of that GOD knows you better than you know yourself, you can’t hide from Him anyway so what’s the point of trying to do so?

The Bible says that we should cast all our care (worries, burdens and challenges) upon the LORD, because He cares for us 1 Peter 5:7 (Paraphrased)

A miracle is what you need not will-power and only GOD gives miracles not self help therapy

I don’t know if you believe in miracles? Only GOD gives miracles, He takes that burden away completely and effortlessly.

Therapies don’t do miracles they only try to get you to use your will-power, but a miracle is what you need right now.


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Will-power is good but there are cases where miracles are the only alternative you have, most times we know that certain habits and lifestyle  are destructive to our lives, but we just can’t break away.

What you need is simple and that is divine intervention, the supernatural working power of GOD. It breaks yokes and lifts burdens, it’s what you need in that helpless situation. So expect it and receive it by faith as you pray to your heavenly Father.

As GOD raise you up by His grace, you need to start making changes as GOD leads and strengthens you.

Follow this link below to learn all you need to do to completely overcome and sustain your breakthrough from addictions and destructive habits.


GOD’s Way to Overcoming Addictions, ungodly and destructive Habits (part 2)


These 10 things will help you overcome your guilt, shame and regrets


We all have something to regret of and we all wish we could reverse the hand of time to change the past. But the truth is that we can’t and the only thing each of us can do is move on.

That is what this article is all about, this article will inspire you to rise again even if you are trapped and soaked in regrets, guilt and shame.


Why do we regret?


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The memory of our mistakes most times can make us regret, but the issue is that while some people get trapped by their regrets others rise above it and move on with their lives.

GOD told said in His word that “although you may fall seven times you shall rise again Proverbs 24:16.

You may be down today with regrets probably because you have lived a life full of mistakes, I want you to know that you will rise again and all you need to do is make a decision and take steps.

You just have to tell yourself that you will make it, and then begin to take decisive and wise steps forward.




Sitting back with memories that are not helpful and empowering only means that you are taking steps backward. GOD above all else wants you to move forward, which is the path to fruitfulness and life success. His will is that you prosper even as your soul prospers 3 John1:2.

This is why GOD forgives you when you ask for forgiveness, He also so puts your sins behind and gives you a new life and a new beginning as He refreshes your soul.

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No matter the mistake it’s not the end of your life, they are only a step to discovery of your potentials, strength and personality.


Here are 10 things to help you rise above your regrets, shame and guilt and move on in life;

1. Everything happens for a reason

Somethings are bound to happen and you can do not about it, no matter how much you try. I have seen people do all they can to save a loved one from death, jail or what have you but to no avail.

Quite blaming yourself because some things are beyond you

I once blamed myself for everything that goes wrong in my life and the people around me, I almost died with depression because I was trying to carry the burden that is not mine to carry.

I would say to myself, if I was there this or that wouldn’t have happened, if I had known better I wouldn’t have done this or that.



But the truth is that you are not GOD and you can’t stop bad things from happening, although we need to be careful but there are things we just can’t stop no matter how careful we are.

This is why I subscribe to prayers and ask people to pray all the time, it is important that you learn to commit everything into the hands of GOD.

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2. Mistakes are a part of life and so you have to accept them


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There is no great person today who does not have the scars of mistakes on them. Like I said earlier, everybody in the world has something they wish they could change if they had the opportunity to go back in time.

The more you are set to achieve your destiny the more you will be confronted with mistakes, because whether you like it or not there comes a time when you will fall. But you are expected to stand up and not remain down.

Moses in the desert must have regretted of ever intruding in the fight against the Jew and the Egyptian, the case that sent him out of the palace in Egypt. Joseph must have regretted of not keeping his mouth shot, concerning his dream that intimidated his brothers.

David must have regretted of not going to battle with his army, that day he fell to the sin of adultery. These are Bible examples of men who made mistakes, but they were able to push pass it and move on.

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Sometimes what seems to be a perfect plan becomes a worse mistake

Sometimes you try all your best and things don’t work out, you are careful and decisive yet it still failed. What do you do? You move on, I have seen things like this and believe me it used to make me very better and depressed.

I hear people say; if I had known I would have done this differently, but the truth is that you wouldn’t have known if not that you did it the way you did it.



3. You can’t change the past so focus on making changes in the now

There is absolutely nothing you can do to change the past, so quite regretting or wishing that you could reverse time. The time you spend wishing you could change the past, just invest it in the now.

Because the present is what you have to make all the difference and changes that can shape the future.

To continue to regret of your past mistakes is to hold unto the past. Believe me, if you continue to regret of your past moving forward becomes difficult.





Make good use of the present instead

They say that the past is history, the future is a mystery but the present is a gift. The present is what you have right now to right your wrongs, it’s your opportunity to redeem yourself and make up for all you have lost.



[bctt tweet=”“Don’t lose this moment because of the past which you can’t do anything about”” username=””]



4. No one is perfect and no one is above mistakes

Knowing this has helped me a lot in my little journey of life, I really used to be hard on myself. Would I say I was a perfectionist? I can’t say exactly but what I’m grateful to GOD for is that He has given me the enablement and grace to push passed those limitations, He will do the same for you.

I so much love excellence and I want all I do to be the best, in as much as that is a good thing I have also learnt that things can never go and be exactly the way you plan them to be.

That is why you need to be patient, learn to adapt and find your way around, you need to be flexible so that you can find your way to the top.




5. We can’t completely avoid mistakes in life

Such is life and this has helped me to stop fighting the battles I can’t win, I have learnt to expect the best and prepare for the worse. Because in life unpleasant thing happen and sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop it.


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I used to think that being a Christian makes me a super human, although the Spirit of GOD does but not in the way I assumed.

You are not invulnerable but you are a victor, you will be knocked down but you will surely rise again. Being a child of GOD doesn’t mean you are above mistakes, but GOD will never let what is beyond you come upon you 2 Corinthians 10:13.



 6. We learn from mistakes and they are important because of the lessons they hold.

Lessons are more important than blessings why? Because without the lessons you can’t keep the blessings, we are beings full of mistakes and if you really want to succeed in life you will definitely make mistakes. From the mistakes you will learn life greatest lessons

Except you want to remain where you are, except you don’t want to try anything new or explore your destiny. You can see that when a child is born and it’s time for it to walk, that child will fall many times while it tries to learn to walk.

It’s going to feel pain, it going to cry but that will not stop the child from learning and eventually walk, that is how it applies to every process in life that is worthwhile.




7. You can start again because it’s not yet over

It is easier said than done and it could be hard to even bear the thought of starting all over again, talk less of going back to square one.

I completely understand this but you do not have a choice but to start again when you fail, fall or miss it, all you have to do is to start again.

This is the point where many people loose hope and many people have taken this hopelessness as far as committing suicide.

You can and should try again

I have started again many times from ground zero, what do you expect? We just have to, because the down fall of a man is not the end of his life.

You shouldn’t give up because of a temporary problem, mistakes are temporary don’t make them a permanent issue. Living in regret is only an attempt to make mistakes permanent.

It may have taken you 20 years in building that dream, that relationship, business, legacy. But the good news is that this time you will achieve faster this time because you now hold within you priceless lessons that can give you an up shoot.



8. Regrets don’t solve the problem so don’t buy into it

If regrets doesn’t solve the problem, if it can’t change the mistake, if it doesn’t change the past then why give into it?

It’s of no use and as a matter of fact it only makes matter worse, it deepens the injury instead. Instead of getting depressed with regrets, focus on making changes in the now, instead of weeping over your loss rise up and start finding a way out.




9. You have better days ahead

Your best days are not behind you because they are ahead, you have so much and a greater tomorrow to live for. You can start making things right, you can redeem your name again and you can regain all you have lost.

Let by gone be by gone, believe me, no matter the wound you will heal it’s only a matter of time. I can tell you this because I have been through the same road

No mistake is worth taking your life, none. Because you will rise again I bet you, so don’t give up yet.


10. Begin to live your life now looking forward not backward

It could be hard to let go but you just have to let go of the past, the mistakes, guilt and regrets then move forward.

I know how much the past is important trust me, that has made me a lover of history. Knowing fully well that the past brings about the present and the past also plays a great role in defining the future.

Although the past is important yet you are not meant to live there, you should only draw lessons from the past to help you shape your future.


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I’m I trying to give you credit for mistakes? I’m trying to say that you should not pursue excellence? No, far from it, as a matter of fact I say you shouldn’t settle for less, go for and become the best.

The point I’m making here is that we can’t really avoid mistakes and we do not have to be tired down by regrets, guilt and shame. What you ought to do is learn from it and move forward, give in to prayers, worship and begin to take responsibilities instead. By so doing you are redirecting your energy towards getting result.



My Prayer For Your

I pray for you today in the name of Jesus Christ our LORD, may His grace, wisdom and strength come upon you. May He give you peace that surpasses all understanding.

Prayer Points

  1. O LORD thank you for the lesson in life and the blessings as well
  2. O LORD have mercy on me, forgive me of all my sins and give me the strength to keep going forward
  3. Strengthen me with the power of your might and renew my strength

Is There Still Forgiveness for Me From GOD?

I was speaking to a young man over the phone earlier this year, which should be in the month of March while I was on one of my camping trips.

I was just checking up on him and so we talked about many things ranging from his welfare to his business. He went on to tell me of the severe difficulties and challenges he has been facing lately, especially with his business and all the unnecessary expenses and loses surround his life.

Encouraging him, I asked him to seek the LORD for strength, guidance and direction but to my greatest surprise he said something that caught my heart.  What did he say? He said “GOD will not want to see him right now, meaning that GOD must be very angry with him and wouldn’t want to set His eyes on him.

He believed that He was too messed up to come before GOD, he felt that he was the last person GOD really wanted to see at the moment. You wouldn’t blame him, would you? Many of us feel this way when our sins seem to be forever before our face.


I completely understood how he felt, because I have been there before. I used to be very hard on myself until I began to understand some certain things which I will share with you in this article.

When I dropped the phone, I became sober and a great feeling of pity for him came over me. I knew that the devil was using that to draw him away, I used to have the same feeling before until I learnt from the Word of GOD, and coupled with my experience in life the debt of GOD’s love and the height of His forgiveness.


Jesus actually came for sinners and not for saints

[bctt tweet=”“That you are messed up is the more reason why GOD wants to see you in the first place”.” username=””]

There is no other person GOD wants to see right now other than you, there is no other time than now for you to come before GOD. Because you need healing, help and strength and this is how Jesus said it;

“Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. But go and learn what this means: “I desire mercy and not sacrifice.’ For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.”  (Emphasis mine) Matthew 9:12-13 (NKJV)


The story of the prodigal son explains the depth of GOD’s love and the height of His forgiveness

The story Jesus told us concerning the prodigal son is no other story, but a complete illustration of GOD and us. It’s the greatest story ever told, a story of forgiveness and restoration. That story tells us of the epitome of GOD’s love and forgiveness for all, how quick GOD is to forgive us if we acknowledge our sins and repent of it.

The story talks about a young man who lived with His father and brother, this young man felt that he has stayed long enough under the authority of his father.

He wanted freedom from his father’s authority, not knowing that leaving his father’s domain will send him into slavery. For a while he was doing fine but not for long, he lost everything; his wealth, dignity and honour through a prodigal living.

But he came to his senses after all and repented, after he had come to his senses he said to himself, I will go back to my father to ask for forgiveness. Even though he will not accept me as a son again, he will at least accept me as a servant because the servants in my father’s house are better than I’m right now.

He felt unworthy to be called his father’s son again, so he resolved to go and surrender to his father as a servant just like those in his father’s house who once served him.



However to his greatest surprise as he approached his father’s gate, he saw his father running towards him with a big smile on his face and his hands spread out wide to embrace him.

He was so amazed and dumfounded when he saw his father’s warm welcome. Truth be told, he was expecting refusal, rejection and all sort of abuse.

But to his surprise, his father didn’t even wait for him to finish what he had to say when he embraced and kissed him. Then his father ordered that his rags be removed and changed to royal clothes, he placed a ring on his finger, a sandals on his feet just to make him fit in again. And then he organized a big welcome party for him, for he said my son who was lost has returned Luke 15:11-21

This story illustrates how GOD really feels about you, it demonstrates how much GOD longs to see you and nothing can separate you from the love of GOD not even your sins and mistakes. Romans 8:38-39.

So no matter what you have done, if you ask GOD with a sincere heart to forgive you he will without delay. He is ready to start again with you if you are ready, don’t let anyone or the devil deceive you saying that you can’t walk with GOD again. As a matter of fact you can go on a deeper level with GOD now than ever before, because your best days are not behind you.


GOD has used worse sinners as examples to show you how much He forgives

GOD has used people over the years to demonstrate His love and forgiveness. Apostle Paul is a great example of them and this is his own words concerning this issue of GOD’s forgiveness.

“This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners and I was the worst of them all. But that is why God had mercy on me, so that Christ Jesus could use me as a prime example of his great patience with even the worst sinners. Then others will realize that they, too, can believe in him and receive eternal life” (emphasis mine) 1 Timothy 1:15-16 (NLT)

Paul was one of the greatest apostles of Christ, He had access to the deep mysteries of the kingdom of GOD, and he won and turned nations over to Christ.

He is one of the greatest evangelists of all times, yet he used to be the worse sinner because he persecuted the church of Christ. He killed and approved the death sentence of many believers as well as sending many to prison.

In spite of all this, GOD later used Paul mightily to change many, GOD will not just forgive you but will also use you because he has a plan and purpose for your life. Don’t be deceived, GOD doesn’t give up on people and He will not give up on you.



Satan only uses your mistakes as a tool against you, in other to weaken you. So don’t give in to his deception

Satan is very crafty and he is a manipulative fellow, he is doing all he can to separate people from GOD. One of those ways is to make people sin and continue to remind them of their sins until they feel worthless and unworthy to go back to GOD.

Most times it’s not even GOD’s forgiveness that’s actually the problem, the problem is that we find it hard to forgive ourselves. It’s a good thing in a way to feel guilty, because it shows that we still have a conscience.

On the other hand it’s not so good because it hinders us from drawing closer to GOD who can help us. Forgiveness is what GOD knows best to do, he flawlessly forgives and draws us closer to Himself like never before.

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Why do you think Jesus came to die in the first place?

Why do you think He died? Do you think Jesus died for nothing? He came down from heaven primarily for the forgiveness of sins, His death on the cross is for your forgiveness and reconciliation with GOD Colossians 1:12-14. This is the greatest miracle Jesus ever did, the miracle of forgiveness and reconciliation demonstrated by the death on the cross and resurrection to life. By this GOD forgave all your sins both past and present.




Jesus said the greatest love is measured by death for one’s friend that is; taking the place of punishment for that person you cherish so much.

But I tell you this day that GOD’s love for you is higher than that, because GOD took your place and punishment while you were still His enemy because of sin. Yes, He died for us while we were still His enemies, we were all rebels but yet He never minded and He died Romans 5:7-8

He left heaven just so that He could demonstrate His forgiveness and preparedness to accept you back. Will He now say no to you if you come to Him asking for forgiveness?

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If GOD asks you to forgive others, will He not also forgive you? Peter asked Jesus how many times he could forgive an offender. Jesus replied, 70 times 7. Has this occurred to you that this is the number of times GOD forgives you too for your mistakes?

The fastest prayer answered recorded in history is the prayer of forgiveness; it is still the fastest and will remain so. GOD answers the prayer of forgiveness in split seconds,



How do I receive forgiveness from GOD?

This is a nice question and the answer is right here, you don’t have to worry no longer. Here are the two steps to receiving GOD’s forgiveness

However without the new life in Christ, you can’t receive the grace that comes with the forgiveness of sins. Follow this link; could there be a better life; a life of peace and fulfillment? to read and receive this new and better life GOD gives.


Confess your sins to GOD in prayer

Pray to GOD telling Him all you have done wrong and how you have missed it. Don’t be shy or ashamed to go to GOD, tell Him of your mistakes and how weak you are.

Trust me, GOD is the only person who perfectly understands, He is the only person who will not judge and condemn you. He will forgive you and cleanse you of all unrighteousness 1 John 1:9

Repent and make up your mind to forsake that sin

The willingness to make things right is all that GOD wants to see, that is the genuine brokenness and soberness. Being truly sorry is all GOD wants to see, that’s what moves GOD 2 Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 66:2, Psalm 51:17.

Sometimes we do not have the strength to forsake that sin; most at times it seems we are spell bound by that sin that has become an addiction in lives.

GOD understands this and He is not just willing to forgive you and remember your sins no more, but He will help you overcome that sin you struggle with.



You don’t have to feel forgiven before you know you are forgiven

Sometimes the devil wants you to follow your feelings, you might not feel that GOD has forgiven you. Probably your mistakes looks too heavy that you can’t even forgive yourself.

Probably your conscience is judging you and satan is taking advantage of you, irrespective of all these I want you to know that no sin is too big for GOD to forgive, no mistake is too big for GOD to correct.

GOD is bigger than your conscience and there is no state that you are that GOD cannot raise you up.



if the people who are called by my name will  humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land. Thus says the LORD 2 Chronicles 7:14

If there is no other thing to know GOD for, you should know that his GOD who forgives. But we must not continue in sin because GOD forgives, we must not abuse the patience and loving-kindness of GOD.

However become free by the knowledge of this truth and walk away from the devil’s trap of guilt. You are the beloved of GOD and the apple of His eyes, you are the sheep of His pasture and you are His dear child who He loves dearly. Know that words can’t express His love for you, it’s impeccable.


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6 Reasons Why GOD Let Us Go Through Pain and challenges


Why does a loving Father allow His children go through challenges? 

I asked the same question too during my trying times, 2016 to 2018 was like a time of war for me. Crisis broke out against me from no where, it looks as if all hell broke loose. I experienced unnecessary disappointments, delays, setbacks and failures on every side.

All of these where happening back to back, I and my family became afraid. The crisis seemed to be peculiar to me alone. Well, that was how I felt at time. I tried all I could to escape from this nightmare as fast as possible but it seemed like I was trapped. I couldn’t phantom where all of these were coming from, I didn’t know the cause and I didn’t know the answers, this made me scared all the more.

Oh I questioned GOD; “I thought you love me LORD, why are you letting me go through all these”. I was like “my Father my Father why have you forsaken me? I was heartbroken and depressed, I became resentful and reserved.

But I found hope in all of these when I learnt the reason for pain and why GOD allowed us face challenges, the puzzle began to come together and I found the courage to move forward.

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You may be asking the same question right now, you may feel rejected and forgotten like I did but that’s not true. That you feel like that doesn’t make it true, it doesn’t mean GOD does not love you or He can’t see your pain and challenges. He sees it and in due time and very soon He will deliver you, I bet you will be able to also see the big picture and put the puzzles together too at the end of the day.

The bible tells us of a man named Joseph who was sold by his brothers into slavery because he had a big dream which GOD showed him, though it was clear that GOD had a plan for him but for the next 10 to 15 years if not more. Joseph’s life didn’t look like anything GOD promised, He didn’t go into slavery alone, he was also sent to prison too. For been bold he suffered from his brothers and for refusing to compromise his integrity he was sent to jail.

Just when all seemed to be over, GOD showed up and after many years Joseph’s brothers met Joseph in Egypt. By then he was already a governor of the whole of Egypt, Egypt back then was not just any nation but a super power nation of the ancient world. And finally they bowed to him just as he had dreamed, at this time Joseph had been able to see the big picture from all he went through. Genesis 37-45



Despite your pain and challenges, you in turn will also come to your point of victory and you will rise again. Just hold onto GOD because He has seen many through their challenges, He will also see you through for there is no partiality with GOD Romans 2:11.

“There is a purpose for pain and there is a time and season for everything; a time for pain and a time for joy”.



Here are the reasons why GOD allows us go through pain

1. Challenges and pain are a part of life

Photo credit: Gregory Hayes

Your spirituality is not an escape route from pain and challenges; many people have been lied to that being a Christian shields us from life challenges. I bought that lie once before until I met with life head on, the truth just as GOD promised is that challenges will come but it shall not swallow you. As a matter of fact Jesus talked about it a lot; He used the house built on the Rock to buttress His point. Matthew 7:24-25

He being our LORD went through series of challenges, from the beginning of His ministry until the end. A life threatening ones at that, but as He was victorious He also promised us victory.

In the world there are troubles

Challenges are a normal life posture and every one of us will face it one way or the other. This world is not a perfect place, if you know this you will be better prepared for life and its challenges.

People give up because they were never prepared, they had some kind of fantasy about life and when that fantasy doesn’t come to reality they loose hope. We must stop living in fantasy and embrace reality, overcome challenges by faith. We are overcomers and champions because GOD through Christ has made us so, but without challenges there are no champions and all overcomers had something to overcome.

“Everyone must be tested, your character, strength and faith. There are cups you must drink of, it can’t pass away until you drink of it. That is the reality of life”.

This is where your faith and strength are being tested, I fell many times and my faith shook during my challenges. But GOD told me that my Christian race is like marriage and I have been called to remain in it for better or for worse even unto eternity.

Most times people fall away when challenges come, I know it’s not an easy experience. But I have learnt that abandoning GOD never solves the problem, as a matter of facts it worsens it. A lot of people have only succeeded in adding coal to the fire by leaving GOD’s presence.

Yet you are not alone

Cheer up because GOD is with you to see you through, never forget that there is no temptation that comes upon you that’s peculiar to you alone, others have faced such crises and the GOD that saw them through will see you through too. Brethren, we live in a broken world and nothing is perfect here, that is why we await that which is perfect and that is the kingdom of heaven that promises a better life; a life of peace and fulfillment.



2. Challenges are a part of the process to life success

There is no star without a scar…… Bishop David Oyedepo

Photo credit: Jake-Hills

You want the full package of success? Then challenges are part of the package, call it a premium pack or whatever. Experience is the best teacher they say and that’s life teaching material. You will learn a lot as you live your life, as you strive towards becoming successful you will meet challenges. Challenges are the bends and curves on the road to success it is not the end of the road, so don’t quite when challenges come.

Challenges are step to new levels, I believe you have gone through a formal school system and you have written an exam once before? They are tough and challenging and many of us don’t like it, but if you want to go to the next level you’ve got to write it. Challenges are the test and exams of life and passing it is what guarantees the transition to your next level in life.



3. GOD allow challenges in other to shape and build us

Photo credit: Swapnil-Dwived

GOD said to me in the year 2015 in a loud voice, after observing a quite time with Him “I will commit many things into your hands”. The voice filled the room as though someone was in the room with me, that was how audible and physical the voice was. It was the first of its kind and all my life I have heard nothing like that again ever since, I knew it was GOD. But you see, for that prophesy to be fulfilled I must grow up to maturity. Believe me; it was after that encounter that I entered into the worse trial experience in my entire life.

I came to understand that I was going through a transition, from boyhood into manhood. Now take a look at the likes of Joseph and David, their challenges began as soon as their life purpose was revealed to them. They walked through the valley of the shadows of death and they came out victorious.

Jesus Christ our LORD had similar experience and as soon He was announced the Christ after His baptism, He was led to be tempted 40 days, later on the Pharisees and priest hunted Him and they tried to kill Him many times.

Challenges are there to train us for the task ahead.

GOD uses challenges to refine us and to make us better, the Bible says that GOD allowed Jesus to go through suffering, so that He may understand our pain better and so that He could become a better high priest who is able to help us Hebrew 2:9-18. If GOD is going to commit anything worth while into your hands, you must be ready for it.

“Pain helps us learn the lessons so that we can keep the blessings”


Challenges help to make us stronger and better

I can proudly say that I have been changed for the better; I’m not like I used to be anymore. I have learnt a lot and I have changed a lot, no one comes out of a challenge and remains the same. Some get worse though, but if you are able to harness it you will definitely become better.


4. GOD allows challenges in other to correct us and get us focused

Photo credit: Paul-Skorupskas

Most times we are adamant and unyielding, and when that happens we force the hand of GOD to be heavy on us. The Bible says as a father disciplines the child he loves, so GOD corrects us too Proverbs 3:12.

We can find lots of examples of those who GOD subjected under pain for a while, because of disobedience and stubbornness. There is nothing GOD hates like disobedience and stubbornness, although His anger burns only for a while and then He forgives because His a GOD who forgives. Psalm 99:8





5. GOD allows challenges in other to direct or redirect us

Photo credit: 35mm

Most times we are carried away, or easily settle for the status quo. Most times because of undue influences and distractions probably from peer groups, friend and family. Probably from the environment we find ourselves, we tend to drift away from divine plan.

Most times we forget or abandon what has been committed into our hands, these things attracts challenges. A very good example is the story of Jonah, the prophet GOD sent to Nineveh. He changed direction simply because He never wanted to go, but he faced a great challenge that redirected him. Jonah 1-4

GOD has a plan for your life and He wants to see its fulfillment

He watches over us and puts us back in line so we can fulfill His plans for our lives. When you are not in line He tells you through many signs, GOD speaks in many ways. But when men fail to listen they attract challenges, sorry to say this; but from my experience I can say that the language of challenges is what people heed more than mere instruction, I have observed it many times in the life of many believers.

Many of us don’t like things easy; until we see a strong hand we are not willing to make the desired change. Probably because we love comfort too well and so until we are forced out of our comfort zone before we begin to seek something better.




6. GOD allows challenges because of sin

Photo credit: Peter Forster

One of the major reasons for unnecessary challenges is sin; nothing invites challenges more and faster than sin. A lifestyle of sin invites not just any kind of challenge, but deadly challenges.

The Bible says sin leads to death. That is, sin gives birth to death. Sin is always pregnant with death, beginning from spiritual death to physical death and death expresses itself in bondage.

Sin gives the Challenger who is the evil one, full license to attack you to the end of destroying you. People think that physical death alone is what GOD was talking about when He addressed sin, that one will come eventually but if you run away from sin you can escape physical death. We have spiritual death that leads to bondage which gives birth to backwardness, sickness, spiritual oppression, gross setback and lots more. This is what leads to physical death after it has full grown and matures.

I want you to know that not all challenges are there to train you, some are a deliberate act or a conspiracy to end you and sin is what attracts this kind of deadly challenge. If you remove sin you will overcome any challenge through the help of GOD, but if you bag sin then I’m sorry. It’s my prayer that GOD will give you the grace to always live above sin.

The Bible says that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but he only comes he can’t enter until you give him an entrance and sin is that entrance.

I like you to know that Satan the Challenger has no power over you, until you give him that authority

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I want you to know that GOD doesn’t cause us pain, His not the tempter, He cannot be tempted and will tempt nobody. His a loving Father who comes to our rescue to save us when ever we fall, He demonstrated His love and willingness to save us from all our challenges by sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for us. So that we may have dominion over the world and all the challenges it brings with it. You are in the world but you are not of the world and He causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus. Wait on Him and don’t give up because He will save you, He delivers all that trust in Him.

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Take a glance again at the 6 reasons GOD allow us go through pain

  1. Challenges and pain are a part of life.
  2. Challenges are a part of the process of life success.
  3. GOD allows challenges in other to shape and build us.
  4. GOD allows challenges in other to correct and get us focused
  5. GOD allows challenges in other to direct or redirect us
  6. GOD allows challenges because of sin



My prayer for you

 May the Almighty Father in whom all blessings flow, strength and keep you and may He give you the fortitude to bear and wait and also deliver you to the glory of His name. May He bless you and give and pay you back all you’ve lost and cause His face to shine upon you in Jesus unfailing name. Amen.

Prayer points

  1. Thank you LORD because you are with me and everything works for my good
  2. O LORD give me the grace to wait on you and to learn with the process and become better
  3. O LORD see me through this phase and bring me out safe and sound


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Find Hope and Strength in the Midst of Life Challenges with these 6 verses


These six scriptures gives me hope and strength in the midst of the challenges of life and you will find strength and hope in them in the midst of any challenge.

My father passed on at a critical time in my life, he was gone about the time when I just began to know and learn from him the lessons of manhood.

I was still a teenager and losing my dad at that time in my life was difficult for me and my family, I’m the first child of my family. I just finished secondary school and preparing to go to the university, I had to go to school two months after his death which made it even more difficult.

I never imagined a world without him so soon, because he was my best friend. Yes, he was not just a father but a friend and a teacher. Death took us on unawares and so we lost him, it was a major challenge.

Life wasn’t easy ever since then, I learnt to rely on GOD’s Word for strength and hope. I’m grateful to GOD for turning my pains to gain at the end of the day.

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I remember reciting GOD’s Word day in and day out during the time of difficulties. I had so many setbacks and heart breaking losses in my business too, most times it was unexplainable but GOD used all these experience to mold me and redirect my life.

Did I ever feel like giving up? Oh yes, many times but been reminded of the Word of GOD, I found hope and encouragement to keep pushing.


Photo credit: kiwihug


Life is full of ups and downs, trials and challenges. We are constantly faced with challenges and setbacks that try to steal our joy, that’s because we live in a broken world.

Sometimes we are faced with challenges we can really do nothing about, like loosing a loved one. Most times we just can’t explain it, some other times we have done our best and all we know. We just have to look up to GOD and trust in Him

But in all of these we are more than conquer through GOD that loves us Romans 8:37, GOD causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus 2 Corinthians 2:14. He has promised and assured us in His Word that He will always see us through in trying times.

Challenges are not palatable no matter how it looks and going through challenges is never easy. You might be going through the pain of loosing a loved one, a business setback, family or life crisis or health challenge right now. You may be in the eyes of the storm, or going through the nightmare of life right now?

If you can remember the story of the three brothers in Babylon, they are Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-Nego. Who were faced with the greatest threat of their lives. They were thrown into the burning furnace, but right there GOD showed up Daniel 3:1-30. That same GOD is going to show up for you.



Find hope in GOD’s promises in the face of life challenges with these 6 bible verses.

These six verses of the bible will give you hope and strength to carry on, they will keep your hope and faith alive which guarantee’s your victory


Photo credit: Bruce-Mars

1. “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them”

Romans 8:28 [NKJV]

GOD has His eyes on you and He will not allow you to stumble, know this and believe it. No matter what happens to you GOD will use it to bring good fortune to you.

The Bible says that even when the righteous fall seven he will rise again Proverb 24:16.

You see, Joseph in the bible after He had gone through so much pain and at the end of it all, he realized that GOD had used all those things to pave the way for him Genesis 50:20.

From the hatred of his brothers, they threw him into the pit and sold him into slavery, Potiphar’s wife accused him of attempted rape and he was thrown into the prison. He suffered greatly but all of that led him to the throne of Egypt, he became so great that through him GOD saved his family (the patriarch of the nation of Israel)

GOD has a way of making good come out of the evil that happens to you.

Although I lost my dad at a very critical time. A time when I was growing up to get to know him more, but I have been blessed too from the same experience. Perhaps what I discovered today for myself wouldn’t have been known, Just trust GOD and keep following Him

He has gone to be with the LORD, I and my two brothers have become men faster and we are able to handle responsibilities because that experience forced us to level up far more than our peers.

“Whatever happens GOD will turn it for your good, so when you are faced with challenges cheer up because GOD is with you”.


Photo credit: Fuu J


2. “No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he’ll never let you be pushed past your limit; he’ll always be there to help you come through it”. 

1 Corinthians 10:13 [MSB]

GOD will make a way of escape for you, He will not let that situation overtake you. He is GOD and a loving and caring Father, so be rest assured that He will see you through. You might be heart broken, but I can assure you that you will be healed. Just hold on to your faith on GOD, sometimes the arrival of your breakthrough may seem a little too long, but wait for Him because He will show up.

This scripture encourages me a lot, because it points out to me that what I go through is not just pertaining to me alone, but some other person have travelled the same road in life and scaled through. And if GOD saw them through He will equally see me through.

3. “For His anger is but for a moment, His favour is for life. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. 

Psalm 30:5 [NKJV]

You may be in the darkness of the tunnel right now, it may look as if the troubles won’t end but your Joy will come. GOD has said it, nothing else matters. When Jesus was taken away and crucified, His followers where demoralized. They thought it was all over, as a matter of fact they went into hiding. But when the marvelous and breakthrough power of GOD showed up their Joy was full again.

The same thing happened to Jacob when he lost Joseph, the Bible said his spirit was low because he loved Joseph so much. Loosing Joseph was a severe blow to Jacob, but eventually when he saw Joseph again His spirit was lifted with Joy and he lived the rest of his days fulfilled.

Job also was another man that passed through serious crisis, but he smiled at the end because the One who makes a way where there is no way showed up.

All that we commit into the hand of GOD cannot fail no matter what

Your life is in His hands so leave it there and see GOD deliver you, most times at the verge of our deliverance we back out from GOD’s presence. It could be frightening and hard to trust GOD in the midst of the storm, but trust and relying on Him is the only way out.


Photo credit: Junior Moran 

4. “Many are the affliction of the righteous but the LORD delivers him from them all, He guides His bones. Not one of them is broken” 

Psalm 34:19-20 [NKJV]

Your troubles may be too much to count, or too heavy to bear. Just like the Bible says; “the days of man is few but full of troubles” |Job 14:1.

In all of these troubles, GOD will deliver you because those who trust in the LORD are like mount Zion that cannot be moved and they abide forever. Psalm 125:1


5. “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you”. 

Isaiah 43:2 [NKJV]

GOD promise to be with you when you walk through the eyes of the storm, so always have it in mind that you are not alone in the situation. GOD is right where you are to see you through and bring you out, the psalmist knew this so well that he was so confident. The Bible says that GOD guides the righteous and not one of his bones is broken, He guides and delivers those who trust in Him and they will never be put to shame.

“Never forget, those who wait on the LORD will never be put to shame, never”.



Photo credit: Joseph Gatto

6. “I will be with you. I will not leave you nor forsake you”. 

Joshua 1:5 [NKJV]

This is very beautiful, I really love this scripture. I tell you what, no matter how you feel it doesn’t change this promise of GOD. Sometimes we could be so overwhelmed with anxiety that we doubt the presence of GOD in our lives, sometimes we feel that GOD is too far from us when we are in our troubles.

I have felt the same way before but that doesn’t mean it’s true, we need to put our feelings in check because feeling are like vapour and it can clear up very fast.



Feed on these six scripture of GOD’s promise everyday even as you pray with them, remind GOD of His Word and do not cease to pray until you see your breakthrough. Jesus taught us to persist in prayer until we see our breakthrough, so keep on keeping on.


Prayer for you

Thank you LORD Father because you are a faithful GOD, you who is true to your Word. Please in your infinite mercy lift this one out of any crisis and challenge and all troubles in Jesus name.


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Could There Be A Better Life; A Life Of Peace And Fulfillment?


Have you been suffering from depression, emptiness, hopelessness or spiritual oppression? Have you been wondering whether you can ever make it?

Have you been struggling with having peace, joy and fulfillment in your life? Or you are wondering if there could ever be such a life of peace and fulfillment in the midst of so much tension in the society? Is there any way you can have hope, peace and fulfillment in a world so chaotic and lost today?

This post answers this question that bothers the mind of many people; this post will put your mind at rest finally as I share the answer to this question.


The ordeal in society

People over the years have been programmed by society to think that fulfillment and peace comes through one of these; material possession, a great career, a good relationship, marriage or social status etc. In as much as they are good aspirations, they cant give you true fulfillment. They can fill that void or quench that hunger and longing within our soul, all of these approach to find fulfillment has failed and will continue to fail.

People are depressed today more than ever before because they were fed with lies, because of loss of hope and peace of mind in people’s live, suicide is on the rise today.  The tragic story of manslaughter and suicide makes up for major headlines on newspapers and the internet almost every week.


A lot of people are also taken to heavy use of drugs just so that they can escape their frustrations. People are becoming fed up, so that they are now taking their own life just to end their misery. This approach only worsens the case for both the dead and his or her loved once.

People have invested all their lives on relationships only to be heartbroken and disappointed. Some others have gotten to the peak of their career and business only to still feel that emptiness within their very soul. Millions of people are striving and have strived to amass wealth, get into power or become famous thinking that this will quench their hunger for fulfillment.

The government of the day has failed and will continue to fail; the world is falling apart every day. This truth is what the bible has revealed, and it says that this world and all that is in it are passing away 1 Corinthians 7:31

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Have a mind shift now

If you have been trapped in this race of thinking that fulfillment and peace comes by the approaches and norms of society I just discussed, I advise you to stop and take a break. I have always been good at one thing and that is to observe and discern, I have learnt to ask hard question about life and thinking has been my favourite hubby.

Today millionaire, celebrities and many public figures are depressed and some others have been committing suicide. Something that beats the imagination of people aspiring by all means necessary to be like them, this has raised a big question across the horizon in our society.


The hunger and desire of the human nature is nothing other than a sense of fulfillment and peace of mind, this is all we crave for, every other thing is only a means to an end. Society has brain washed many people to think that the things in this world will give you that fulfillment and peace of mind. The bible which holds the truth for man’s peace and fulfillment tells us that we can’t find peace or fulfillment from the world and its system.

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Is there truly a life of peace and fulfillment?

My friend, such a life exists and its available to you, you can receive it now. It’s a new life and it’s different from what you used to have, a life like no other and this new life changes everything. It’s a life that sets you free completely from all bondage, depression and every setback.

It’s a life that causes you to flourish, a life of unstoppable success and dominion here on Earth and eternity. This is the only thing that guarantees peace and fulfillment, not just here on earth but here after.

This life is not from this world because this world can’t give it, the government can’t give it, and you can’t get it from a great career, not from a relationship, definitely not from amassing material wealth. None of the things in this world can ever quench the taste for fulfillment and peace in our lives; this is nothing but the truth. If you try to find peace and fulfillment from the world’s system you will only inherit, trouble, depression and frustration.

This is simply why people are so sad and disappointed; I used to be depressed and frustrated too. At a time I was fed up of life, nothing seemed to make sense to me again. Deep within me I longed for something higher, I knew something was missing in my life. There was a void that nothing seemed to fill, until I found the truth and followed it.

I have always sort no other thing than the truth, I have always sorted to know what works and I have come to finally know the truth. Now I can no longer be deceived, shaken or carried away because the truth has set me free, I see you becoming free too as you follow this truth.


This new life of fulfillment and peace only comes from GOD

This life which you desire and seek and are trying to get through many means to no avail only comes from GOD our Father. Hope, joy, fulfillment and peace are made available through this new life. This life is different from the one you have, it’s life eternal and that is the new life in Christ Jesus.

Have you lost the sense of being? Are completely fed up of life? Are you tired and are giving up? But the good news is that there is hope. GOD has not left you alone to suffer and be destroyed; He has done everything to ensure your freedom, peace and eternal life. By so doing, He brought hope and a sense of being before you, so cheer up for your light has come and your freedom is here. Your success and fulfillment is here.

Thank GOD who is faithful, full of love and mercy and who gives us all things pertaining to life and Godliness.  Now let us see what GOD has done for your peace, freedom, progress and life eternal.



What GOD did to bring you this new life

GOD paid a very expensive price for your freedom

A lot has been done to buy your freedom from the penalty of sin, to free you from bondage and destruction. I like you to know that depression, sickness, hopelessness and setback are the results of spiritual bondage.

The price for your freedom cost GOD everything including His life, it was a great price indeed. He forsook His divinity to take up humanity, He forsook immortality and He became a mortal man. He had to come down from heaven 2000 years ago and He took for Himself a human body so that He could live among men John 1:1-3, 14. Heb.2:9-11, 14-18.The book of Isaiah from chapter 53:1-11, explains the height and the mystery of His suffering just for your freedom.


The Awesome Gift GOD Gave By Virtue of the Price

GOD our heavenly Father sent His Son Jesus Christ, who is GOD the Son. Jesus gave His life, He suffered for you, and He died so that you can live John 3:16. By His death He washed all your sins away and the penalty of those sins. He gave you His divine life also, a life full of hope, peace, fulfillment and divine power. Which ensures your victory over all situations, so that you can have a meaningful life here on earth and at the end of all things you can also have eternal life Matthew 20:28, John 3:13-18.

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It didn’t just end in His death; He didn’t just pay for your sins by dying. He also arose from the dead on the third day, in triumphant victory after being buried and by so doing He gave you His divine life Colossians 2:12-15. That is, GOD offered life to you through the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus, this life endures forever because it’s the very life of GOD.

Yes! Jesus Christ came to save you and to give you the very life of GOD, which means by receiving this life you become a God John 1:12-13. If you are made the child of GOD what are you? A God of course, because a child of a lion is a lion, a child of a tiger is a tiger and so a child of GOD is God. So therefore by virtue of the price Jesus paid, you became the child of GOD making you a God 1 John 3:1-2, 5:1, Psalm 82:6.

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But why did GOD go to such level to save you even to give you His own life?

Because of His love towards you, He couldn’t bear watching us waste away anymore. He saw that we were too weak to help ourselves, so He came to set us free. He saw that the battle of life has overwhelmed us and that we are loosing out against the forces of darkness which holds the world hostage, GOD knew we cant win except He intervene’s and we also need something greater in other to stay on the winning side, so He gave His life. John 16:33, 1 John 2:12, 4:4, 5:4, Revelation 12:10

He saw the oppression, depressions and defeat we suffered under the force of the wicked spirit that ruled this world. which is manifested in form of chaos, depression,war, economic and political crises. Including all the diseases and crime in our society today, all the problem you see in the world today are indirect attack from the under world to frustrate humanity and a bid and a conspiracy to completely separate us from GOD.


He came to strengthen us for the final battle of the last days

My friend, we are in the middle of a war without knowing, a war more intense than ever before. Thanks be to GOD who in this last days as He plans to bring the world to an end, has revealed this things to us. The Word of GOD states clearly that we are at war,  a great war at that, not with mortal men as we suppose. But against principalities and powers, wicked rulers of the spiritual realm who seat over the affairs of this world. Ephesians 6:10-18



GOD couldn’t bear losing us; He saw our pain and He sees and knows your pain. He has done everything needed to bring you out, people think GOD has not done anything to save us but He has, it’s our responsibility to take what he has offered us. if you look close you will see that we are at war and that this world is failing a part rapidly, it takes the ability to read between the line to see and i pray that GOD will open the eyes of your understanding.

The final verdict

GOD sent His Son Jesus Christ who paid with His own blood, so that you can be forgiven, freed and live again, not just to live but to also win the war over the wicked force who is in control of this world currently. Revelation 12 explains what is truly going on which ordinary eyes cannot see.

GOD has not given you this life just to live, but to live a peaceful and fulfilling life full of hope and blessing. GOD did this so that you will not just number your days, but so that you will have a sense of being and also to rule and reign even in the midst of your enemies and the evil one.

He did this to give you a future and a hope Jeremiah 29:11. He did this so that He can make something great out of you, although people may have written you off, His intention is to lift you up and give you a place in life and His kingdom.

This is what I have experienced in my own life, a new life like no other, a worry free life full of hope, peace and fulfillment.

Take yours now!

How can I receive and live in this new life of peace and fulfillment?