I hope you have read the first part of this series on overcoming addictions destructive and ungodly habit? if not kindly go back to the part one before reading this part 2 for better understanding. follow this link below to read the part one

GOD’s Way to Overcoming Addictions, Ungodly and Destructive Habits (Part 1)



2. As GOD raise you up by His grace, start making changes as GOD leads and strengthens you

This is where some self-help and motivation therapy comes close, they jump the first part I just discussed which is the foundation. If know the purpose of foundation you will agree with me that every builder builds in vain if there is no solid foundation and nothings stands without a good foundation.

GOD has that solid foundation upon which you can build your life and you are guaranteed of a safe and secured life.

More over as you call upon GOD for help, you need to know that prayer and faith without work leads to frustration. GOD intervenes in your challenges by giving you strength and direction, and you on the other hand ought to follow with action according to the grace GOD has given you.

So here are the things you need to do that will completely help you overcome and break away from that addiction and destructive habit.


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Disassociate from every link to your old ways

The Bible asks us to flee every appearance of evil, GOD asks us not to be conformed to the standard of world Romans 8:1.

This is GOD’s number one instruction as He leads you to breakthrough, you need to separate yourself from that former atmosphere, environment and the company you associated with whether people, activities or place.

To remain in that atmosphere or with that company or association as the case maybe means no breakthrough, to stay with such people who you once hanged out with, who motivates you to such ungodly activities is to remain in that bondage.

Never forget that the environment and atmosphere that surrounds you plays a great role in your breakthrough or bondage.

The Bible tells us not to walk in the former way we once walked, the Bible also tells us that we are new creation and that old things are passed away. So you really need to do away with your old ways if you want to have an enduring breakthrough, the only remedy the bible prescribe for sin and whatsoever that is ungodly is to flee

Whatever you know has always been a stumbling block simply avoid it.

Regulate what goes into your mind as the Bible say that we should guide our heart with all diligence for out of it come the issues of life.

Your mind is a powerful tool, your breakthrough or bondage begins from there. When I started to address some of my addictions and weakness, the Spirit of GOD instructed me to cut out and filter the things I watched and listened to.


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Connect with the right people especially believers

As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend Proverbs 27:17.

GOD do not want you to face life alone, this is why He gives us a family of believer and asked us to fellowship together.

In as much as you need to separate from your old environment and association, you need not be alone. So connect with like-minded, spirit filled and focus believers.

In times of struggle you definitely need people to confide in for support and encouragement

GOD never intended for us to bear our burden alone, this is why He asked us to be our brother’s keeper and the Bible encourages us to bear one another’s burden Galatians 6:2.

In a time when you are going through a transition; prayers, comfort, support and counsel from other believers are very helpful.

On the other hands when you are around people who are of one mind and purpose who are growing and moving upward and forward in the LORD, it serves as a great motivation and strength to you.

As you fellowship with them you are edified, I hope you can see why you need to attended a bible believing church regularly?

Sunday schools, home fellowship, small groups of believers are very helpful in your  growth and development process as you transit from the bondage of addictions and wrong habits to your breakthrough

It helped me a lot because trust me; you will need to feed a lot on the truth of GOD’s Word which renews and nourishes your mind for a total life transformation.


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3. Feed your mind with the Word of GOD regularly

There are two reasons why the Word of GOD is very vital for your breakthrough from addiction. First, the Word of GOD holds the power to heal you from any condition you find yourself, even from that struggle.

It’s not just a mere word written in a book, within those letters in the bible are stored the almighty power of GOD that is able to cause a shift and change in your life forever. It heals psychological, biological and spiritual infirmity.

Secondly, it holds moral and sound lessons you can follow and apply, which stand as guiding Principles for a successful life, it’s the epitome of the truth.

What gets into your mind matters a lot for your breakthrough so feed your mind rightly

Your thought determines your actions and your actions determine your lifestyle. This is why the bible tells us to meditate on things that are lovely, good, pure and true Philippians 4:8

To be frank with you, there is no better place to find such valuable and life changing things to meditate on other than the Word of GOD. Because it’s pure and true as well as powerful, it best serves as the food for your soul.


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You also need a renewed mind in other to break away from that challenge and feeding on the Word of GOD is what helps you do that

Feeding your mind with the right things plays a major role in your breakthrough, if you will agree with me, you will discover that you once lived the ways you did because of the way you thought. New thinking brings new behavior eventually bringing new habit and new lifestyle.

Meditate on the Word of GOD often to feed your mind

The Word of GOD can only be effective in your live when we meditate on it. When the Word sinks into your soul it brings transformation and healing. Just as the Bible rightly said that it is the implanted Word of GOD that saves your soul James 1:21. So it’s not just the Word of GOD you hear or read, but the one that sticks in your heart.

Through meditation you get the Word of GOD into your hearts for healing.

Jesus used the parable of the seed sower to illustrated the importance of the implanted Word of GOD, He states it clearly with the parable that the Word that produces result is the one that is implanted in your heart not just the one you hear Matthew 13:3-9,18-23.


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So it’s about receiving and not just hearing the Word of GOD, so then let the Word form a new way of thinking in your heart to change you from within.

Do well then to always meditate on the Word of GOD, and GOD’s prescription is to meditate on His Word day and night which means at all times.

Let the Word of GOD be across your mind always and the devil will never again have the room to sow any evil thing into your mind.

But you can only meditate on the Word of GOD if you have studied it

Joshua 1:8 tells us of the result that comes out of meditation on GOD’s Word, let me explain what GOD said in that passage.

In Joshua 1:8 GOD is literally saying that if you want to prosper and have good success in all that you do, you need to meditate on His Word day and night. You can meditate on the Word of GOD only if you first study it.

So give yourself to studying the Word of GOD, so that you can have the truth to meditate on. GOD teaches us in Romans 8:1 that transformation begins with a renewed mind and renewal of the mind comes from studying and meditation on the Word of GOD.


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4. Focus on building your Spirit man now that GOD has rescued you

Focusing on building your Spirit man is the way to stay above the strongholds of addictions and ungodly habits.

That GOD delivered you from that stronghold and bondage doesn’t mean that they will not try to come back. But if you live by the Spirit they will have no effect on you anymore because they simply can’t entice you anymore. We overcome temptations of the flesh only when we are living in the Spirit Galatians 5:16

While you live according to the leading of the Holy Spirit your whole being is charged, new and godly properties fill your mind and a higher course enters your soul. You will no longer have joy and pleasure for worthless things of the flesh. The presence of the Holy Spirit makes sin and all ungodly things irritate you

To stay free and enjoy your deliverance, building your spiritual man is the key

You can’t dwell in the flesh and completely overcome addiction and destructive habits. Addictions and ungodly habits being the work of the flesh cannot be subdued in the flesh but in the spirit, so focus on building and growing in the Spirit.

Growing in the Spirit is a gradual process of daily spiritual exercise, as you grow in Spirit you become dead to sin because the outward man dies for the inward man to live.

When this begins to happen you completely break free from power of the flesh and all its passion, remember that addictions and all ungodly habits which are destructive are of the flesh.





These are the four steps to overcoming ungodly habits and addictions that endanger your life and hinder your progress. These precepts have been tested and it works, following them will change your life and completely make you free.

Take a glance at the four steps to overcoming addictions, ungodly and destructive habits again;

  1. Admit your helplessness and weakness to GOD
  2. As GOD raise you up by His grace, start making changes as GOD leads and strengthens you
  3. Feed your mind with the Word of GOD regularly
  4. Focus on building your Spirit man now that GOD has rescued you


My Prayer for you

May GOD our Father who is full of compassion and mercy heal and deliver you, may He save you with His own right hand and strengthen you. May He also give you more grace, all these I pray in Jesus name, Amen.


Personal Prayer Point

  1. Ask GOD for forgiveness and also ask that He cleanse you from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9)
  2. Ask GOD to intervene and deliver you
  3. Ask GOD to give you the strength and grace to follow His leading

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