Do you know that many challenges we face today are not necessarily the work of the devil or some evil forces but our lifestyle? Some ungodly and destructive habits and addictions cause 90% of the problem people face today.

GOD doesn’t want you to be addicted to anything because it’s not good for your well-being, He doesn’t want you to be under the power of anything or enslaved by anything again having freed you by His sacrifices on the cross and by giving you a new life.

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Little wonder did the bible tell us to be temperate in all things 1 Corinthians 9:25. When the bible asks us to be temperate, it is saying that you need to be moderate in all things having self-control. This is one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit dwelling in you Galatians 5:22-23.

I really want you to know that every addiction and destructive habits are ungodly, that is why GOD gave you His Spirit so that you can be free completely from anything that holds you bound.

More also that is why the Holy Spirit is also called the Spirit of freedom, because where ever the Holy Spirit is there is freedom 2 Corinthians 3:17.



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What’s an addiction anyway and why is it ungodly?

Whatsoever that has control over you that you can no longer restrain yourself from, even when you know of the adverse consequences is an addiction.

Such habits are destructive therefore they are ungodly, whether it is the excessive consumption of alcohol, food, hard drugs and other substances or some certain activities such as watching unhealthy contents over the internet and some ungodly practices just to name a few.

Why you need to break away from addictions, ungodly and destructive habits and lifestyle?

One good thing you should always think of all the time is the consequences of your actions before you take them, an ungodly lifestyle is destructive.

GOD forgives but the consequences of our actions are not removed, you know that whatever a person sows he must reap. This has always been my guiding principle in life.

Sin, wrong habits and addictions attract unavoidable consequences.

People today are going through difficulties and challenges they can’t understand because of the seed they sowed.

A lot of ladies are addicted to taking drugs because they want to prevent or abort pregnancies, because they don’t want to abstain from premarital sex. Study has shown that such drugs destroy the womb or at least delays conception for about 16 to 20 years.

Some guys as well are of the habit of taking hard drugs and alcohol excessively, this also destroys the internal organs and such habit also damages the general health of a person.

Studies have shown that as the human body ages and get old the body gets weaker, which is where the adverse effect of all the drugs and all kind of substances excessively consumed over the years begins to affect the health.

People think because they are young they can do anything, forgetting that all the consequences of their actions over the years will show up tomorrow unannounced. We can only escape the consequences tomorrow if we avoid those acts today.


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The consequences of sin, wrong habits and addictions are not just physical but are also spiritual

When GOD asks us to forsake sin, He says it only for our own good. The consequences of ungodly lifestyle precede the physical, it’s also has spiritual implications that result in afflictions and strongholds eventually leading to destruction of lives and destinies.


Are you struggling with addiction and destructive habits?

Have you been trying to overcome it on your own? Perhaps with your will-power as some motivation series try to teach and make you do?

In as much as motivation series and therapies are good and helpful, it’s very limited in helping you breakthrough. Why? Because addictions are foundational problems and only GOD can effectively deal with foundation problems once and for all.

This is what people fail to understand, if the foundation be destroyed there is nothing anyone can do. I’m not against therapies but there are limits it can go, they only make you struggle through that challenge. They teach you to put up a fight against it, of which the effect is short lived.

Apostle Paul cried out saying; those things I desire to do, I’m never able to do, but those things I detest and no longer want to do those are what I find myself doing Romans 7:15, 19

He seemed fed up at the time just as many of us feel, you may have tried but you keep falling back into the same mess over and over again. Paul understood that only GOD could deliver us in such a situation Romans 7:24-25.


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Let’s look at it this way, how about I show you how to get rid of that habit and addiction without even putting up a fight in the first place?

Let’s check it out, because this worked for me it will also work for you. Everyone has something they struggle with, however what I will show you helped me out and I can boost only in the LORD that now I’m not under the power of anything anymore.


How to break away from addictions, ungodly and destructive habits

1. Admit your helplessness and weakness to GOD

Why does GOD ask us to admit and confess our faults and sin? I thought about it lately and I have come to discover that when we admit and accept that we are wrong, there is every possibility of changing. GOD understands your struggles believe me and His more than ready to help you

By admitting your faults, you state it clearly and demonstrate that you need help and that you are open for assistance. It shows that you are willing to change, even when you don’t have the power to do so and do not know how to go about it.

Your wiliness is all GOD wants to see, your willingness for a change and that is what repentance is all about.

So when you admit your fault and weakness, you open yourself up for divine help. GOD wants to help you but the question is are you ready? If you are, then the journey to change and breakthrough begins.

All you need is a genuine desire for a divine intervention that brings change, and GOD will just take it up from there. That is why the scriptures tell us that the tasty are those who get the touch of GOD.  It takes a burning desire for GOD’s touch in other to have an encounter with GOD, the psalmist tells us this in Psalm 63:1-2.


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Ask GOD for help in prayers

This is what has helped me defeat many life challenging situations, I have been able to break away from habits that are not helpful to me by first asking for help from GOD.

Often time you may be faced with a situation that is more than you can handle and you know that only by some kind of divine intervention can you break through.

Be honest about your challenges to GOD in prayer

Talk to GOD about it because He is the one person in the universe that understands, GOD doesn’t just sympathize with you like people do He helps you out.  On top of that GOD knows you better than you know yourself, you can’t hide from Him anyway so what’s the point of trying to do so?

The Bible says that we should cast all our care (worries, burdens and challenges) upon the LORD, because He cares for us 1 Peter 5:7 (Paraphrased)

A miracle is what you need not will-power and only GOD gives miracles not self help therapy

I don’t know if you believe in miracles? Only GOD gives miracles, He takes that burden away completely and effortlessly.

Therapies don’t do miracles they only try to get you to use your will-power, but a miracle is what you need right now.


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Will-power is good but there are cases where miracles are the only alternative you have, most times we know that certain habits and lifestyle  are destructive to our lives, but we just can’t break away.

What you need is simple and that is divine intervention, the supernatural working power of GOD. It breaks yokes and lifts burdens, it’s what you need in that helpless situation. So expect it and receive it by faith as you pray to your heavenly Father.

As GOD raise you up by His grace, you need to start making changes as GOD leads and strengthens you.

Follow this link below to learn all you need to do to completely overcome and sustain your breakthrough from addictions and destructive habits.


GOD’s Way to Overcoming Addictions, ungodly and destructive Habits (part 2)


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