I was speaking to a young man over the phone earlier this year, which should be in the month of March while I was on one of my camping trips.

I was just checking up on him and so we talked about many things ranging from his welfare to his business. He went on to tell me of the severe difficulties and challenges he has been facing lately, especially with his business and all the unnecessary expenses and loses surround his life.

Encouraging him, I asked him to seek the LORD for strength, guidance and direction but to my greatest surprise he said something that caught my heart.  What did he say? He said “GOD will not want to see him right now, meaning that GOD must be very angry with him and wouldn’t want to set His eyes on him.

He believed that He was too messed up to come before GOD, he felt that he was the last person GOD really wanted to see at the moment. You wouldn’t blame him, would you? Many of us feel this way when our sins seem to be forever before our face.


I completely understood how he felt, because I have been there before. I used to be very hard on myself until I began to understand some certain things which I will share with you in this article.

When I dropped the phone, I became sober and a great feeling of pity for him came over me. I knew that the devil was using that to draw him away, I used to have the same feeling before until I learnt from the Word of GOD, and coupled with my experience in life the debt of GOD’s love and the height of His forgiveness.


Jesus actually came for sinners and not for saints

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There is no other person GOD wants to see right now other than you, there is no other time than now for you to come before GOD. Because you need healing, help and strength and this is how Jesus said it;

“Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. But go and learn what this means: “I desire mercy and not sacrifice.’ For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.”  (Emphasis mine) Matthew 9:12-13 (NKJV)


The story of the prodigal son explains the depth of GOD’s love and the height of His forgiveness

The story Jesus told us concerning the prodigal son is no other story, but a complete illustration of GOD and us. It’s the greatest story ever told, a story of forgiveness and restoration. That story tells us of the epitome of GOD’s love and forgiveness for all, how quick GOD is to forgive us if we acknowledge our sins and repent of it.

The story talks about a young man who lived with His father and brother, this young man felt that he has stayed long enough under the authority of his father.

He wanted freedom from his father’s authority, not knowing that leaving his father’s domain will send him into slavery. For a while he was doing fine but not for long, he lost everything; his wealth, dignity and honour through a prodigal living.

But he came to his senses after all and repented, after he had come to his senses he said to himself, I will go back to my father to ask for forgiveness. Even though he will not accept me as a son again, he will at least accept me as a servant because the servants in my father’s house are better than I’m right now.

He felt unworthy to be called his father’s son again, so he resolved to go and surrender to his father as a servant just like those in his father’s house who once served him.



However to his greatest surprise as he approached his father’s gate, he saw his father running towards him with a big smile on his face and his hands spread out wide to embrace him.

He was so amazed and dumfounded when he saw his father’s warm welcome. Truth be told, he was expecting refusal, rejection and all sort of abuse.

But to his surprise, his father didn’t even wait for him to finish what he had to say when he embraced and kissed him. Then his father ordered that his rags be removed and changed to royal clothes, he placed a ring on his finger, a sandals on his feet just to make him fit in again. And then he organized a big welcome party for him, for he said my son who was lost has returned Luke 15:11-21

This story illustrates how GOD really feels about you, it demonstrates how much GOD longs to see you and nothing can separate you from the love of GOD not even your sins and mistakes. Romans 8:38-39.

So no matter what you have done, if you ask GOD with a sincere heart to forgive you he will without delay. He is ready to start again with you if you are ready, don’t let anyone or the devil deceive you saying that you can’t walk with GOD again. As a matter of fact you can go on a deeper level with GOD now than ever before, because your best days are not behind you.


GOD has used worse sinners as examples to show you how much He forgives

GOD has used people over the years to demonstrate His love and forgiveness. Apostle Paul is a great example of them and this is his own words concerning this issue of GOD’s forgiveness.

“This is a true saying, and everyone should believe it: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners and I was the worst of them all. But that is why God had mercy on me, so that Christ Jesus could use me as a prime example of his great patience with even the worst sinners. Then others will realize that they, too, can believe in him and receive eternal life” (emphasis mine) 1 Timothy 1:15-16 (NLT)

Paul was one of the greatest apostles of Christ, He had access to the deep mysteries of the kingdom of GOD, and he won and turned nations over to Christ.

He is one of the greatest evangelists of all times, yet he used to be the worse sinner because he persecuted the church of Christ. He killed and approved the death sentence of many believers as well as sending many to prison.

In spite of all this, GOD later used Paul mightily to change many, GOD will not just forgive you but will also use you because he has a plan and purpose for your life. Don’t be deceived, GOD doesn’t give up on people and He will not give up on you.



Satan only uses your mistakes as a tool against you, in other to weaken you. So don’t give in to his deception

Satan is very crafty and he is a manipulative fellow, he is doing all he can to separate people from GOD. One of those ways is to make people sin and continue to remind them of their sins until they feel worthless and unworthy to go back to GOD.

Most times it’s not even GOD’s forgiveness that’s actually the problem, the problem is that we find it hard to forgive ourselves. It’s a good thing in a way to feel guilty, because it shows that we still have a conscience.

On the other hand it’s not so good because it hinders us from drawing closer to GOD who can help us. Forgiveness is what GOD knows best to do, he flawlessly forgives and draws us closer to Himself like never before.

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Why do you think Jesus came to die in the first place?

Why do you think He died? Do you think Jesus died for nothing? He came down from heaven primarily for the forgiveness of sins, His death on the cross is for your forgiveness and reconciliation with GOD Colossians 1:12-14. This is the greatest miracle Jesus ever did, the miracle of forgiveness and reconciliation demonstrated by the death on the cross and resurrection to life. By this GOD forgave all your sins both past and present.




Jesus said the greatest love is measured by death for one’s friend that is; taking the place of punishment for that person you cherish so much.

But I tell you this day that GOD’s love for you is higher than that, because GOD took your place and punishment while you were still His enemy because of sin. Yes, He died for us while we were still His enemies, we were all rebels but yet He never minded and He died Romans 5:7-8

He left heaven just so that He could demonstrate His forgiveness and preparedness to accept you back. Will He now say no to you if you come to Him asking for forgiveness?

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If GOD asks you to forgive others, will He not also forgive you? Peter asked Jesus how many times he could forgive an offender. Jesus replied, 70 times 7. Has this occurred to you that this is the number of times GOD forgives you too for your mistakes?

The fastest prayer answered recorded in history is the prayer of forgiveness; it is still the fastest and will remain so. GOD answers the prayer of forgiveness in split seconds,



How do I receive forgiveness from GOD?

This is a nice question and the answer is right here, you don’t have to worry no longer. Here are the two steps to receiving GOD’s forgiveness

However without the new life in Christ, you can’t receive the grace that comes with the forgiveness of sins. Follow this link; could there be a better life; a life of peace and fulfillment? to read and receive this new and better life GOD gives.


Confess your sins to GOD in prayer

Pray to GOD telling Him all you have done wrong and how you have missed it. Don’t be shy or ashamed to go to GOD, tell Him of your mistakes and how weak you are.

Trust me, GOD is the only person who perfectly understands, He is the only person who will not judge and condemn you. He will forgive you and cleanse you of all unrighteousness 1 John 1:9

Repent and make up your mind to forsake that sin

The willingness to make things right is all that GOD wants to see, that is the genuine brokenness and soberness. Being truly sorry is all GOD wants to see, that’s what moves GOD 2 Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 66:2, Psalm 51:17.

Sometimes we do not have the strength to forsake that sin; most at times it seems we are spell bound by that sin that has become an addiction in lives.

GOD understands this and He is not just willing to forgive you and remember your sins no more, but He will help you overcome that sin you struggle with.



You don’t have to feel forgiven before you know you are forgiven

Sometimes the devil wants you to follow your feelings, you might not feel that GOD has forgiven you. Probably your mistakes looks too heavy that you can’t even forgive yourself.

Probably your conscience is judging you and satan is taking advantage of you, irrespective of all these I want you to know that no sin is too big for GOD to forgive, no mistake is too big for GOD to correct.

GOD is bigger than your conscience and there is no state that you are that GOD cannot raise you up.



if the people who are called by my name will  humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land. Thus says the LORD 2 Chronicles 7:14

If there is no other thing to know GOD for, you should know that his GOD who forgives. But we must not continue in sin because GOD forgives, we must not abuse the patience and loving-kindness of GOD.

However become free by the knowledge of this truth and walk away from the devil’s trap of guilt. You are the beloved of GOD and the apple of His eyes, you are the sheep of His pasture and you are His dear child who He loves dearly. Know that words can’t express His love for you, it’s impeccable.


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