Why does a loving Father allow His children go through challenges? 

I asked the same question too during my trying times, 2016 to 2018 was like a time of war for me. Crisis broke out against me from no where, it looks as if all hell broke loose. I experienced unnecessary disappointments, delays, setbacks and failures on every side.

All of these where happening back to back, I and my family became afraid. The crisis seemed to be peculiar to me alone. Well, that was how I felt at time. I tried all I could to escape from this nightmare as fast as possible but it seemed like I was trapped. I couldn’t phantom where all of these were coming from, I didn’t know the cause and I didn’t know the answers, this made me scared all the more.

Oh I questioned GOD; “I thought you love me LORD, why are you letting me go through all these”. I was like “my Father my Father why have you forsaken me? I was heartbroken and depressed, I became resentful and reserved.

But I found hope in all of these when I learnt the reason for pain and why GOD allowed us face challenges, the puzzle began to come together and I found the courage to move forward.

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You may be asking the same question right now, you may feel rejected and forgotten like I did but that’s not true. That you feel like that doesn’t make it true, it doesn’t mean GOD does not love you or He can’t see your pain and challenges. He sees it and in due time and very soon He will deliver you, I bet you will be able to also see the big picture and put the puzzles together too at the end of the day.

The bible tells us of a man named Joseph who was sold by his brothers into slavery because he had a big dream which GOD showed him, though it was clear that GOD had a plan for him but for the next 10 to 15 years if not more. Joseph’s life didn’t look like anything GOD promised, He didn’t go into slavery alone, he was also sent to prison too. For been bold he suffered from his brothers and for refusing to compromise his integrity he was sent to jail.

Just when all seemed to be over, GOD showed up and after many years Joseph’s brothers met Joseph in Egypt. By then he was already a governor of the whole of Egypt, Egypt back then was not just any nation but a super power nation of the ancient world. And finally they bowed to him just as he had dreamed, at this time Joseph had been able to see the big picture from all he went through. Genesis 37-45



Despite your pain and challenges, you in turn will also come to your point of victory and you will rise again. Just hold onto GOD because He has seen many through their challenges, He will also see you through for there is no partiality with GOD Romans 2:11.

“There is a purpose for pain and there is a time and season for everything; a time for pain and a time for joy”.



Here are the reasons why GOD allows us go through pain

1. Challenges and pain are a part of life

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Your spirituality is not an escape route from pain and challenges; many people have been lied to that being a Christian shields us from life challenges. I bought that lie once before until I met with life head on, the truth just as GOD promised is that challenges will come but it shall not swallow you. As a matter of fact Jesus talked about it a lot; He used the house built on the Rock to buttress His point. Matthew 7:24-25

He being our LORD went through series of challenges, from the beginning of His ministry until the end. A life threatening ones at that, but as He was victorious He also promised us victory.

In the world there are troubles

Challenges are a normal life posture and every one of us will face it one way or the other. This world is not a perfect place, if you know this you will be better prepared for life and its challenges.

People give up because they were never prepared, they had some kind of fantasy about life and when that fantasy doesn’t come to reality they loose hope. We must stop living in fantasy and embrace reality, overcome challenges by faith. We are overcomers and champions because GOD through Christ has made us so, but without challenges there are no champions and all overcomers had something to overcome.

“Everyone must be tested, your character, strength and faith. There are cups you must drink of, it can’t pass away until you drink of it. That is the reality of life”.

This is where your faith and strength are being tested, I fell many times and my faith shook during my challenges. But GOD told me that my Christian race is like marriage and I have been called to remain in it for better or for worse even unto eternity.

Most times people fall away when challenges come, I know it’s not an easy experience. But I have learnt that abandoning GOD never solves the problem, as a matter of facts it worsens it. A lot of people have only succeeded in adding coal to the fire by leaving GOD’s presence.

Yet you are not alone

Cheer up because GOD is with you to see you through, never forget that there is no temptation that comes upon you that’s peculiar to you alone, others have faced such crises and the GOD that saw them through will see you through too. Brethren, we live in a broken world and nothing is perfect here, that is why we await that which is perfect and that is the kingdom of heaven that promises a better life; a life of peace and fulfillment.



2. Challenges are a part of the process to life success

There is no star without a scar…… Bishop David Oyedepo

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You want the full package of success? Then challenges are part of the package, call it a premium pack or whatever. Experience is the best teacher they say and that’s life teaching material. You will learn a lot as you live your life, as you strive towards becoming successful you will meet challenges. Challenges are the bends and curves on the road to success it is not the end of the road, so don’t quite when challenges come.

Challenges are step to new levels, I believe you have gone through a formal school system and you have written an exam once before? They are tough and challenging and many of us don’t like it, but if you want to go to the next level you’ve got to write it. Challenges are the test and exams of life and passing it is what guarantees the transition to your next level in life.



3. GOD allow challenges in other to shape and build us

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GOD said to me in the year 2015 in a loud voice, after observing a quite time with Him “I will commit many things into your hands”. The voice filled the room as though someone was in the room with me, that was how audible and physical the voice was. It was the first of its kind and all my life I have heard nothing like that again ever since, I knew it was GOD. But you see, for that prophesy to be fulfilled I must grow up to maturity. Believe me; it was after that encounter that I entered into the worse trial experience in my entire life.

I came to understand that I was going through a transition, from boyhood into manhood. Now take a look at the likes of Joseph and David, their challenges began as soon as their life purpose was revealed to them. They walked through the valley of the shadows of death and they came out victorious.

Jesus Christ our LORD had similar experience and as soon He was announced the Christ after His baptism, He was led to be tempted 40 days, later on the Pharisees and priest hunted Him and they tried to kill Him many times.

Challenges are there to train us for the task ahead.

GOD uses challenges to refine us and to make us better, the Bible says that GOD allowed Jesus to go through suffering, so that He may understand our pain better and so that He could become a better high priest who is able to help us Hebrew 2:9-18. If GOD is going to commit anything worth while into your hands, you must be ready for it.

“Pain helps us learn the lessons so that we can keep the blessings”


Challenges help to make us stronger and better

I can proudly say that I have been changed for the better; I’m not like I used to be anymore. I have learnt a lot and I have changed a lot, no one comes out of a challenge and remains the same. Some get worse though, but if you are able to harness it you will definitely become better.


4. GOD allows challenges in other to correct us and get us focused

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Most times we are adamant and unyielding, and when that happens we force the hand of GOD to be heavy on us. The Bible says as a father disciplines the child he loves, so GOD corrects us too Proverbs 3:12.

We can find lots of examples of those who GOD subjected under pain for a while, because of disobedience and stubbornness. There is nothing GOD hates like disobedience and stubbornness, although His anger burns only for a while and then He forgives because His a GOD who forgives. Psalm 99:8





5. GOD allows challenges in other to direct or redirect us

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Most times we are carried away, or easily settle for the status quo. Most times because of undue influences and distractions probably from peer groups, friend and family. Probably from the environment we find ourselves, we tend to drift away from divine plan.

Most times we forget or abandon what has been committed into our hands, these things attracts challenges. A very good example is the story of Jonah, the prophet GOD sent to Nineveh. He changed direction simply because He never wanted to go, but he faced a great challenge that redirected him. Jonah 1-4

GOD has a plan for your life and He wants to see its fulfillment

He watches over us and puts us back in line so we can fulfill His plans for our lives. When you are not in line He tells you through many signs, GOD speaks in many ways. But when men fail to listen they attract challenges, sorry to say this; but from my experience I can say that the language of challenges is what people heed more than mere instruction, I have observed it many times in the life of many believers.

Many of us don’t like things easy; until we see a strong hand we are not willing to make the desired change. Probably because we love comfort too well and so until we are forced out of our comfort zone before we begin to seek something better.




6. GOD allows challenges because of sin

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One of the major reasons for unnecessary challenges is sin; nothing invites challenges more and faster than sin. A lifestyle of sin invites not just any kind of challenge, but deadly challenges.

The Bible says sin leads to death. That is, sin gives birth to death. Sin is always pregnant with death, beginning from spiritual death to physical death and death expresses itself in bondage.

Sin gives the Challenger who is the evil one, full license to attack you to the end of destroying you. People think that physical death alone is what GOD was talking about when He addressed sin, that one will come eventually but if you run away from sin you can escape physical death. We have spiritual death that leads to bondage which gives birth to backwardness, sickness, spiritual oppression, gross setback and lots more. This is what leads to physical death after it has full grown and matures.

I want you to know that not all challenges are there to train you, some are a deliberate act or a conspiracy to end you and sin is what attracts this kind of deadly challenge. If you remove sin you will overcome any challenge through the help of GOD, but if you bag sin then I’m sorry. It’s my prayer that GOD will give you the grace to always live above sin.

The Bible says that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but he only comes he can’t enter until you give him an entrance and sin is that entrance.

I like you to know that Satan the Challenger has no power over you, until you give him that authority

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I want you to know that GOD doesn’t cause us pain, His not the tempter, He cannot be tempted and will tempt nobody. His a loving Father who comes to our rescue to save us when ever we fall, He demonstrated His love and willingness to save us from all our challenges by sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for us. So that we may have dominion over the world and all the challenges it brings with it. You are in the world but you are not of the world and He causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus. Wait on Him and don’t give up because He will save you, He delivers all that trust in Him.

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Take a glance again at the 6 reasons GOD allow us go through pain

  1. Challenges and pain are a part of life.
  2. Challenges are a part of the process of life success.
  3. GOD allows challenges in other to shape and build us.
  4. GOD allows challenges in other to correct and get us focused
  5. GOD allows challenges in other to direct or redirect us
  6. GOD allows challenges because of sin



My prayer for you

 May the Almighty Father in whom all blessings flow, strength and keep you and may He give you the fortitude to bear and wait and also deliver you to the glory of His name. May He bless you and give and pay you back all you’ve lost and cause His face to shine upon you in Jesus unfailing name. Amen.

Prayer points

  1. Thank you LORD because you are with me and everything works for my good
  2. O LORD give me the grace to wait on you and to learn with the process and become better
  3. O LORD see me through this phase and bring me out safe and sound


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