Could there be a better life; a life of peace and fulfillment?



It was a  beautiful sunny Saturday morning, I just came home for holiday from school around June 2012, and it was one of those long vacations. Waking up that beautiful morning, I got outside to do laundry, on stepping my first foot outside from the veranda in my backyard, the Word of the LORD came to me saying;

“Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us”.


This word came to me all of a sudden, I can’t forget that experience.  This word just as I have written above kept echoing in my mind, it was being repeated more times than I can number. It was so overwhelming that it was all I could hear and think of, it filled my mind so that nothing else was on my mind except this very word. I knew that GOD was telling me something and it has to do with my responsibility in living the new life in Christ.



I was in 200 level in the university back in those days, I had stepped off on the wrong foot and I was being carried away a bit by some undue distractions and unhealthy influences which affected my spiritual life. I was seasonal with my spiritual life back then, sometime I will be up and before you know it I’m off again. I wasn’t stable at the time and it didn’t please GOD.

So GOD waited for me to come home to a more quiet and solitary place, with little or no distraction and undue influences. A place calm, away from all the noise that kept me distracted, where He can talk to me. To be honest with you I wasn’t expecting to hear such words, I was not even prepared for something like that. I haven’t even looked at the bible for  a long time. As a matter of fact, I had drifted away from the right course a bit.

But that experience changed my whole day, it was the first of it’s kind and the experience went on to change my entire life. GOD stepped in that day, indeed He owned the day and I was left sober throughout.



I can say I had a mind shift after that experience, I initially planned to have fun that day with my siblings. But the LORD said, you know son, you will be having fun with me today.

It might not be what I expected, but it was worth it because it redirected my life. From that day onward my consciousness about the new life in Christ came alive. By the revelation of that word, I came to understand the fundamentals of the new life in Christ. As He has taught me, so He has laid it in my heart to share it with you, so that you may know the principles of the new life which is able to make you fruitful and exceedingly great and successful on earth, and at the end that you may be received into heaven to join the LORD.

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GOD wants the best for you and He wants to make something great out of you

GOD is very much interested in you, He wants to make your life a burning and a shining light. He has a plan and purpose for your life, but there are things you must know and do. You have a responsibility to play in this new life in Christ. I talked about the role GOD played and all that He did to ensure that you have such a wonderful life in this post; Could there be a better life; a life of peace and fulfillment?

So I urge you to read it first, so that you can get a clearer picture of this article we are about to look into.

The principles of the new life in Christ, was what the message on Saturday morning was all about. That word I heard in my mind is from Hebrews 12:1. Now as the Holy Spirit leads, I will be showing you these principles for your fruitfulness in this article. This is what GOD wants for you and He wants you to know these things and apply them.



GOD’s greatest desire is to see you become fruitful in this new life He has given you, He wants you to make the most out of it here on Earth and at the end make heaven. He said in His Word that we should bear much fruit, not just to bear fruit but enduring fruit John 15:8, 16

Your victory will not be sustained in Christ until you do these things I am about to show you. We can’t claim to just be children of GOD, we must live like one and we must bear fruit to the glory of GOD. I will be showing you what GOD requires of you in other for you to keep the victory He has given you. These are the fundamentals and principles of fruitfulness in the new life in Christ, they are the seven calling from GOD to all who are saved. Following them will not only make you fruitful, but will make you rule and reign in your world. It will make you an envy of all and I can assure you that this is what GOD wants for you. So lets look at them one after the other

Principle of separation

The race set before you demand’s that you live a separated life from the world, from the affairs of this world. Complete separation from sin and ungodliness, this is the demands of the new life.

Never forget, you have been bought over just like in the institution of marriage, the way a woman separates from her family to join her husband and to become one with him. In like manner you have become one with Christ; similarly you have to be separate from the world to be in union with GOD through Christ. Once a person is married he or she is forbidden from having any other intimate relationship with the opposite sex, any attempt to go after another person, other than your spouse is considered adultery.

This applies to salvation as well, you have been called to forsake the standard of this world, GOD used that message that morning to teach me this. Friendship with the world is (adultery) enmity with GOD James 4:4. As a matter of fact the Bible from this passage uses the world adultery to refer to a worldly life.

GOD is not pleased when people go about cheating on Him

He made that clear to me that day and in the same way He is speaking to you today. The life you have now is not an ordinary life anymore. It’s an extraordinary life that commands extraordinary results, so therefore such a life demands an extraordinary commitment.

GOD says in His Word, “No one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs–he wants to please his commanding officer”. 2 Timothy 2:4

“You have been enlisted in the LORD’s army so separate yourself from civilian life”.


Principle of purity

Some people say easily “I am not a saint” well no one is at first, but you can be and you are demanded to be a saint.

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What it means to be a saint is to live a sanctified life, the Bible says in Ephesians 4:1 that we should live worthy of our calling, down to verse 13 the scripture says we ought to reach the unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

You have been separated by GOD and you are demanded to walk in that life of separation towards perfection until Christ is formed in you. That is what it means to become a saint, a holy life is what GOD requires of you. I must confess, its not easy but we are well able. i have learnt lately that whatsoever  GOD asks of us He has already given us the grace to do it. GOD never asks from us what He has not given us.


Principle of total submission

I started by letting you know that there is race set before you, and you ought to press on towards that mark looking up to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith Hebrews 1:2. You must know that the life you have now is no longer your own, by receiving Christ you died with Him and you were raised up together with Him. Your life is hidden in Christ, He has given you His own life, that is why you are able to share in His divine nature. Romans 6:8, Colossians 2:20, 3:3

This article; Could there be a better life; a life of peace and fulfillment shares a lot of truth to the divine life given to you through Christ, please don’t finish this post without reading it.

You have been called to give up your life and will and live for Christ

Just as a woman when married no longer bears her father’s name, but that of her husband. Just as she puts on the identity of her husband and no longer that of her father. Just as she is joined with her husband in all things pleasing her husband in the LORD, so you have to live the remaining days of your life on Earth for Christ no longer for yourself.

The good thing about total submission to GOD is that you will have always have success victory over Satan. do you know that it takes submission to GOD before you can ever resist the devil? only completely submitted fellows overpower Satan, you can’t make the devil flee unless you are submitted to the authority of GOD James 4:7. Most of the times we want the blessings of GOD but we don’t want to submit under His authority, such attitude exposes people to Satan’s dominion. That will not be your portion in Jesus name



Principle of faithfulness

Faithfulness to GOD is mentioned more than 50 times in the New Testament alone, that states the importance of faithfulness in this new life. Please note, faithfulness is a law as long as walking and working with GOD is concern. For the Bible say it is required (demanded) that a steward be found faithful, Jesus buttressed this principle so many times in His teachings. You can find it in the four accounts of the gospel which are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Faithfulness is the greatest requirement GOD demands from you. GOD doesn’t joke with it, unfaithful to GOD has become the order of the day in our walk with GOD. This is the greatest sin of the children of GOD today. Faithfulness is your steadfastness in the faith you profess, to be faithful is to be committed to GOD no matter what, come rain come sun at all times.


“Faithfulness means to live by faith not just to have faith it but to live by it”


GOD is not looking for people who just have faith to receive blessings from Him, but people who have faith to stay and follow Him. Such are the people He wants to make a blessing. I like you to know that GOD’s intention is not just to bless you but to make you a blessing. Do you know what that means? It means you will be a fountain of overflowing blessings. But my friend, faithfulness is the number one requirement.

Today people only have the faith to obtain what they want from GOD, but it takes faithfulness to keep that which you have received. It is faithfulness that brings reward in the kingdom of GOD, GOD will stop at nothing to bless His faithful children. Blessed is that servant who when He returns will be found faithful, he shall be made ruler over many cities Matthew 24:45. GOD reward will only go to His faithful ones, this is nothing but the truth. So strive in your new life faithfully and see GOD take you from one level of greatness to another.


Principle of fellowship

It is through fellowship that we know GOD more, People just get born again and stop there, they don’t strive to know GOD more. Intimacy is required to build a successful relationship, communication and fellowship plays a major role in building a great relationship.

People struggle in their faith because they fail to build their intimacy with GOD, I tell people all the time that faith comes by knowing GOD and you get to know Him via the study of His Word.

GOD wants you to have an intimate relationship with Him.

You need to build your relationship with GOD, you don’t need to be far off. This is why many people have not discovered their GOD given purpose and direction for their lives because they have no intimacy with GOD.

I say it all the time, trapped within you is a prophet, who is capable of hearing from GOD you don’t need any prophet. Trapped within you is a wealth generator who is capable of not just being wealthy, but distributing wealth and becoming a blessing. GOD doesn’t just want you to get saved and go to heaven, He wants you to first maximize purpose here on Earth to the glory of His name. But constant fellowship in studying the Word, meditation and prayer is needed.


Principle of discipleship

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27

You have been called to follow, not to walk on your own the way you like. No! You are like a sheep and you have a shepherd who is Jesus, Jesus is the good shepherd because He laid His life down for you His sheep John 10:15. He says that you are the sheep of His pasture Psalm 100:3.

Sheep was used to describe what our new life in Christ should look like, and one good thing a sheep does if nothing else is to follow. We must follow Christ as His Spirit leads us, this is why the Bible says that as many that are led by the Spirit of GOD they are Sons of GOD. Romans 8:14. The Bible didn’t say as many that have the Spirit, but as many that are led. Why? Because it’s one thing to have the Holy Spirit and it’s another thing to be led by Him.

In other to manifest you need to be a follower of Christ

It takes the leading of GOD and a following on your own path to manifest in the new life in Christ. You want to bear fruit in life? Then follow His leading diligently, John 15 states it very clearly.



Principle of worship

All the principles I have discussed above has to do with your walk with GOD, this is what prepares you to work with GOD, and therefore a call to worship is a call to work with GOD.

Praise is GOD’s food and it’s our responsibility to give GOD praise through our acts of worship in its diverse forms. But people miss the concept of worship, they reduce worship to just singing to GOD. Singing is only an aspect of worship, and worshiping GOD is not for a certain people only. GOD has called all of us to worship Him.

What is worship?

Worship is an act, or every act you engage in that brings glory to GOD. Worship is a lifestyle and it has to do with the totality of what you do in life. Worship is your service to GOD, and the greatest act of worship is to turn people to GOD. Jesus said; Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Matt 5:16

You can see that worship from Jesus statement is work, “good work” which brings glory to GOD.  “Worship is everything you do that is targeted at bringing Glory to GOD”

When you cause people to acknowledge that there is GOD so that they want to give their lives to Christ then you are at the height of worship. Your lifestyle, speech, business and career and so on are meant to be a reasonable act of worship. Worship is therefore a habit, so when people see you what do they perceive, GOD’s vessels or Satan’s tool? How do you use your gift, resources and time, does it glorify GOD? Remember these are the ways you worship GOD




These are the core principles of walking in the new life in Christ Jesus, following these principles will make you fruitful and successful in your new life in Christ Jesus. This is what draws the blessings to you and sustains them, this is what makes you scale greater heights in the kingdom until you become an envy of all. I see that happening to you in Jesus name, see you at the top.


Now take a glance again at the principles I have discussed so far

7 Principles of the new life in Christ that will make you fruitful

  1. Called to be separate
  2. Called to be a saint
  3. Called to complete surrender
  4. Called to faithfulness
  5. Called to fellowship
  6. Called to follow
  7. Called to worship


My Prayer for you:

May the good LORD strengthen and keep you, as you walk and work with Him in your new life in Christ Jesus. This I pray in Jesus name

Prayer point
  1. Father help me to walk with you in faithfulness
  2. Remove every distraction on my path to walking an working with you
  3. Help me follow your leading to fulfill my destiny to the glory of your name. In Jesus name, Amen.


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