Have you been suffering from depression, emptiness, hopelessness or spiritual oppression? Have you been wondering whether you can ever make it?

Have you been struggling with having peace, joy and fulfillment in your life? Or you are wondering if there could ever be such a life of peace and fulfillment in the midst of so much tension in the society? Is there any way you can have hope, peace and fulfillment in a world so chaotic and lost today?

This post answers this question that bothers the mind of many people; this post will put your mind at rest finally as I share the answer to these questions.


The ordeal in society

People over the years have been programmed by society to think that fulfillment and peace comes through one of these; material possession, a great career, a good relationship, marriage or social status etc. In as much as they are good aspirations, they cant give you true fulfillment. They can’t fill that void or quench that hunger and longing within our soul, all of these approach to find fulfillment has failed and will continue to fail.

People are depressed today more than ever before because they were fed with lies. Because of loss of hope and peace of mind in people’s live, suicide is on the rise today.  The tragic story of manslaughter and suicide makes up for major headlines on newspapers and the internet almost every week.


A lot of people are also given themselves over to heavy use of drugs, just so that they could escape their frustrations. People are becoming fed up, so that they are now taking their own lives just to end their misery. This approach only worsens the case for both the dead and his or her loved once.

People have invested all their lives on relationships only to be heartbroken and disappointed. Some others have gotten to the peak of their career and business only to still feel that emptiness within their very soul. Millions of people are striving and have strived to amass wealth, get into power or become famous thinking that this will quench their hunger for fulfillment.

The government of the day has failed and will continue to fail; the world is falling apart every day. This truth is what the bible has revealed, and it says that this world and all that is in it are passing away 1 Corinthians 7:31

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Have a mind shift now

If you have been trapped in this race of thinking that fulfillment and peace comes by the approaches and norms of society I just discussed, I advise you to stop and take a break. I have always been good at one thing and that is to observe and discern, I have learnt to ask hard question about life and thinking has been my favourite hubby.

Today millionaire, celebrities and many public figures are depressed and some others have been committing suicide. Something that beats the imagination of many people who are aspiring by all means necessary to be like them. all these has raised a big question across the horizon in our society.


The hunger and desire of the human nature is nothing other than a sense of fulfillment and peace of mind, this is all we crave for, every other thing is only a means to an end. Society has brain washed many people to think that the things in this world will give you that fulfillment and peace of mind. The bible which holds the truth for man’s peace and fulfillment tells us that we can’t find peace or fulfillment from the world and its system.

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Is there truly a life of peace and fulfillment?

My friend, such a life exists and its available to you, you can receive it now. It’s a new life and it’s different from what you used to have, a life like no other and this new life changes everything. It’s a life that sets you free completely from all bondage, depression and every setback.

It’s a life that causes you to flourish, a life of unstoppable success and dominion here on Earth and eternity. This is the only thing that guarantees peace and fulfillment, not just here on earth but here after.

This life is not from this world because this world can’t give it, the government can’t give it, and you can’t get it from a great career, not from a relationship, definitely not from amassing material wealth. None of the things in this world can ever quench the taste for fulfillment and peace in our lives; this is nothing but the truth. If you try to find peace and fulfillment from the world’s system you will only inherit, trouble, depression and frustration.

This is simply why people are so sad and disappointed; I used to be depressed and frustrated too. At a time I was fed up of life, nothing seemed to make sense to me again. Deep within me I longed for something higher, I knew something was missing in my life. There was a void that nothing seemed to fill, until I found the truth and followed it.

I have always sort no other thing than the truth, I have always sorted to know what works and I have come to finally know the truth. Now I can no longer be deceived, shaken or carried away because the truth has set me free, I see you becoming free too as you follow this truth.


This new life of fulfillment and peace only comes from GOD

This life which you desire and seek and are trying to get through many means to no avail only comes from GOD our Father. Hope, joy, fulfillment and peace are made available through this new life. This life is different from the one you have, it’s life eternal and that is the new life in Christ Jesus.

Have you lost the sense of being? Are you completely fed up of life? Are you tired and are giving up? But the good news is that there is hope. GOD has not left you alone to suffer and be destroyed; He has done everything to ensure your freedom, peace and eternal life. By so doing, He brought hope and a sense of being before you, so cheer up for your light has come and your freedom is here. Your success and fulfillment is here.

Thank GOD who is faithful, full of love and mercy and who gives us all things pertaining to life and Godliness.  Now let us see what GOD has done to give you peace, freedom, progress, fulfillment and life eternal.



What GOD did to bring you this new life

GOD paid a very expensive price for your freedom

A lot has been done to buy your freedom from the penalty of sin, to free you from bondage and destruction. I like you to know that depression, sickness, hopelessness and setback are the results of spiritual bondage.

The price for your freedom cost GOD everything including His life, it was a great price indeed. He forsook His divinity to take up humanity, He forsook immortality and He became a mortal man. He had to come down from heaven 2000 years ago and He took for Himself a human body so that He could live among men John 1:1-3, 14. Heb.2:9-11, 14-18.The book of Isaiah from chapter 53:1-11, explains the height and the mystery of His suffering just for your freedom.


The Awesome Gift GOD Gave By Virtue of the Price

GOD our heavenly Father sent His Son Jesus Christ, who is GOD the Son. Jesus gave His life, He suffered for you, and He died so that you can live John 3:16. By His death He washed all your sins away and the penalty of those sins. He gave you His divine life also, a life full of hope, peace, fulfillment and divine power. Which ensures your victory over all situations, so that you can have a meaningful life here on earth and at the end of all things you can also have eternal life Matthew 20:28, John 3:13-18.

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It didn’t just end in His death; He didn’t just pay for your sins by dying. He also arose from the dead on the third day, in triumphant victory after being buried and by so doing He gave you His divine life Colossians 2:12-15. That is, GOD offered life to you through the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus, this life endures forever because it’s the very life of GOD.

Yes! Jesus Christ came to save you and to give you the very life of GOD, which means by receiving this life you become a god John 1:12-13. If you are made the child of GOD what are you? A god of course, because a child of a lion is a lion, a child of a tiger is a tiger and so a child of GOD is god. So therefore by virtue of the price Jesus paid, you became the child of GOD making you a god 1 John 3:1-2, 5:1, Psalm 82:6.

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But why did GOD go to such level to save you even to give you His own life?

Because of His love towards you, He couldn’t bear watching us waste away anymore. He saw that we were too weak to help ourselves, so He came to set us free. He saw that the battle of life has overwhelmed us and that we are loosing out against the forces of darkness which holds the world hostage, GOD knew we cant win except He intervene’s and we also need something greater in other to stay on the winning side, so He gave His life. John 16:33, 1 John 2:12, 4:4, 5:4, Revelation 12:10

He saw the oppression, depressions and defeat we suffered under the force of the wicked spirits that ruled this world. which is manifested in form of chaos, depression, war, economic and political crises. Including all the diseases and crime in our society today, all the problem you see in the world today are indirect attack from the under world to frustrate humanity and a bid and a conspiracy to completely separate us from GOD.


He came to strengthen us for the final battle of the last days

My friend, we are in the middle of a war without knowing, a war more intense than ever before. Thanks be to GOD who in this last days as He planned to bring the world to an end, has revealed this things to us. The Word of GOD states clearly that we are at war,  a great war at that, not with mortal men as we suppose. But against principalities and powers, wicked rulers of the spiritual realm who seat over the affairs of this world. Ephesians 6:10-18



GOD couldn’t bear losing us; He saw our pain and He sees and knows your pain. He has done everything needed to bring you out, people think GOD has not done anything to save us but He has, it’s our responsibility to take what he has offered us. if you look close you will see that we are at war and that this world is falling a part rapidly, it takes the ability to read between the line to see and i pray that GOD will open the eyes of your understanding.

The final verdict

GOD sent His Son Jesus Christ who paid with His own blood, so that you can be forgiven, freed and live again, not just to live but to also win the war over the wicked force who is in control of this world currently. Revelation 12 explains what is truly going on which ordinary eyes cannot see.

GOD has not given you this New life just to live and fulfill the number, but to live a peaceful and fulfilling life full of hope and blessing. GOD did this so that you will not just number your days, but so that you will have a sense of being and also to rule and reign even in the midst of your enemies and the evil one.

He did this to give you a future and a hope Jeremiah 29:11. He did this so that He can make something great out of you, although people may have written you off, His intention is to lift you up and give you a place in life and His kingdom.

This is what I have experienced in my own life, a new life like no other, a worry free life full of hope, peace and fulfillment.

Take yours now!

How can I receive and live in this new life of peace and fulfillment?





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