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Why GOD’s Direction Is The Keys To Your Life Success (Secret of a fulfilled life)Succ

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Are you lost, frustrated and depressed and don’t know where your life is heading anymore?

Do you know that what you lack is not money but divine direction?

Do you know that all successful people are products of divine direction? Do you know that what GOD really wants for you is to have a struggle free life? Do you know that GOD has a plan and purpose for your life, to give you a future and a hope despite the gross darkness, chaos and depression in the society today?

Let’s find out

GOD loves you and He has a plan for your life, He longs to give your life a meaning.

I want you to know that in the midst of the difficulties and challenges of life, GOD wants the best for you.

Its so unfortunate that we doubt the awesome power of GOD, that we lack the faith to follow Him.

My Experience

I have also been a victim of this at a time in my life, I couldn’t trust GOD enough to let Him lead me, so I tried to run my own life.

I was trying to do what I knew best looking at the circumstance that surrounded me, the economy of the nation, the high level of unemployment and all of that.

I was carried away by sight that I couldn’t have faith in GOD, I was making loses, fear and worry was all over me.

I was depressed and frustrated, why won’t one be worried when there is every reason to be? The society as it is, sends out negative signals so much that if you focus on what you see and hear out there you may loose hope.

The Bible says the Just shall live by faith and not by sight; Romans 1:17.

The Bible says further that GOD will keep in perfect peace He whose mind is stayed on Him; Isaiah 26:3.

It took some persuasion on the part of GOD everyday until He turned me to Himself, He used many signs to show me that I was only trying to survive and not fulfilling purpose.

He was constantly showing me His plans for my life which is my route to a world of abundance and fruitfulness, at that time I was doing graphics design which was a good career but he said to me; that way is not for you. He told me that He didn’t create and design me for that, however He said; look, here is what I want you to do, this what I have made you for.

This same problem is what many people have today, they go to places where GOD has not ordained, they begin things that GOD hasn’t approved, they start without GOD then ask GOD to back them. Just like I was doing and before you know it they fall into trouble here and there.

The worse thing is that your time is running out, have you been doing things because others are doing it? Have you gone off on your own because everyone is going there?

You go to study a course because others are studying it, instead of sitting down and finding things out from GOD who created you and let to lead you.

After so much argument and contention within me, one word changed my mind. I heard it in my spirit, the voice said to me “wait a minute, did you ask GOD before embarking on this career of yours?

This was after I faced so much challenges, struggle and setbacks; this was after praying to GOD numerous times for His backing and favour on a wrong path, wrong because it wasn’t what I built for.

“Sometimes we try to turn GOD to our errand boy forgetting that His our Father, Master and LORD”.

During all this period however I didn’t just learn to have faith I learnt to discern the ways of GOD, all those experiences strengthen my faith all the more.

 If for nothing, one thing that I’m most grateful for to GOD of which I will forever be indebted to Him is that He didn’t abandon me.

Despite my stubbornness and delay in yielding,  He kept on persuading me daily and hourly until the very hour I completely surrendered to His leading.

The value of GOD’s direction

You know the Bible says there is a way that seems (look good in a man’s eyes) right to a man but the end is death. (Paraphrased)
Proverbs 16:25.

But GOD also told us in His word saying; Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

“Divine direction is GOD’s strategy for your success and a hitch free life.”

GOD wants the best for you I have seen that first hand in my own life, and I can say boldly that He wants the same for you.

People are trying to pursue their own life, their own course and more than often it’s a wrong course that leads to a dead end.

Because we are trying to paddle our own canoe on the ocean, we struggle through the storm when GOD wants to put us on a ship.

Since I began to follow His plans for my life by faith and obedience, I have seen changes in my life.

“Running your life without GOD is like trying to go overseas on foot; it’s like driving yourself in a car on a highway at night without a head light”

GOD wants you to have faith in Him to the point that you allow Him lead you and make out of you what He has created you  for.


Now let’s see the reasons why GOD wants you to trust Him and let Him lead you.


“Life is made easier by virtue of GOD’s direction.”

In the midst of hardship and difficulty GOD wants to give you a struggle free life, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that life is easy but GOD doesn’t want you to be stressed up or struggle through life.

A lot of people are stumbling through life when they should be reigning.

That is why He wants to show you the way out, He wants to lead you on the path to your destiny. I know how many mistakes that could have ruined my life that GOD saved me from, the places I was heading just because I was trying to survive He told me not to go.

I’m quite ambitious and I have this desire to become great in life, so I work hard so much so that whatsoever I find doing I do it with all my heart, I cherish it and I become proud of it. I pour in all my resources to see it grow and succeed. GOD said to me quite alright my son, you are hardworking but my direction for you will channel this energy of yours to fulfilling my plans for you.

“If you know how much this hard life can be made easier by virtue of divine direction you will seek it with all your live”.

Many people have been wasting away, wasting their strength, time and resources because they won’t let He that knows the end from the beginning lead them.

I wasted a lot of resources but GOD didn’t let me waste too much time, at 26 I have already falling into His plan. I remember my prayers to Him in my teenage years, how I prayed often with many tears to Him not to let me waste my life.

And today those prayers are speaking, those Spiritual investments are speaking, we serve a GOD that cares and keeps His promise and it’s my earnest prayer that He direct your life.

Peace and fulfillment in the midst of the storm.

He wants you to experience peace in your life despite the turmoil out there, He wants you to have light in the midst of the darkness out there.

I’m not saying that the trouble won’t be there, but you will not be shaken by them, that’s what I’m saying, for the bible says only with our eyes shall we see the reward of the wicked but we are shielded. Read the whole of Psalm 91 a very interesting passage, that’s what GOD is saying, He says in another place although the young lion lack, those who fear Him are never in want do you know why? because He doesn’t withhold any good thing from them that fear Him. He causes everything to work together for their good.

The Struggle free life is real

My friend, a struggle free life is real it’s not a fantasy and it’s available to all who put their complete trust in GOD allowing Him to lead them.

GOD’s leading is real, it’s not a fantasy, a GOD directed Life is real and is possible for you.

You need to work hard but GOD doesn’t want you to struggle in life, there is a big difference between struggling and working hard. While you are working hard you do it in fun not in struggle.

“its GOD’s will that we work hard in life but He doesn’t want us to struggle through life.”

Many people are running their own lives and so they are falling into the ditch here and there, some into the wrong relationship, business and career. All because they just can’t trust in GOD enough to lead them.

He wants to put you in command of your world but only by His leading will that be made possible”.


Myles Monroe would say that the greatest tragedy in life is not death but a life without purpose.

A life without meaning is worse than death, we need to wake up every morning with a sense of purpose. That is what keeps us alive, that’s what makes us human beings and it’s what makes us different from animals. Purpose is what brings about true and good success, it’s what makes life fulfilling. This is what brings joy to our lives and this is what GOD wants for us

A life of purpose is a life with meaning

I want you to know that GOD has a plan and purpose for your life, irrespective of what society looks like today. Irrespective of the circumstance surrounding you today, GOD wants to give your life a meaning, He wants to give you a sense of being and a sense of fulfillment, something to live for.

See what He said here; For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

But for this to come to pass we have to follow His leading by faith in submission and obedience.


When I accepted to follow His leading, after so much encouragement from GOD by means of His Spirit. As He spoke to my heart, he told me that with GOD there is no failure.

Failure is not scriptural; failure is only with men who walk on their own fail, not with him who GOD leads”.

You know, while I was trying to survive on my own, I watched a lot of self help motivational tapes from YouTube telling me that failure is a part of success.

I was taking in those video as a pill to keep push on a wrong path in my life, in as much as those videos are not bad, they cant help you unless you allow GOD lead you first.

Using self help tips without seeking GOD’s direction first, is like trying to build a house without first laying a foundation.

There is no failure with GOD only with men

GOD told me on that fateful day while I yielded to His call and decided to follow His plan for my life that men fail because they try to run their own life.

He told me that there is no such thing as failure with GOD and a man He leads cannot fail, He told me that failure is for the world and it’s for those His kingdom.

He further elaborated as I listened to Him on the need to follow His plans for me, He asked me to point out one person I knew from the scripture that He led who failed. Indeed I couldn’t find one person, this strengthen my faith that day and I forsook all my ambition to follow His vision for my life.

The same thing applies to you my friend; you can’t follow GOD and fail in life never! It’s not possible even if the whole world turns upside down.

Men may fail but GOD cannot fail and the man that follows GOD will never fail, because an extraordinary hand is guiding and keeping Him.

“I have never seen anyone who genuinely followed GOD’s leading and direction who failed in life never!”
“And there will never be such a fellow, never!”.


What you lack is not money but divine direction, i repeat again with all conviction

Wealth answers to purpose and a man of purpose commands wealth. Anyone under divine direction attracts wealth Deuteronomy 8:18, Isaiah 48:17

All the people who are wealthy and successful are men of purpose many of them started with nothing because money is only an idea.

They rose from grass to grace by virtue of divine direction, read the account of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Gideon, Jabez, David, Daniel, Jesus etc.

All these people even our Lord and many people in our contemporary world today followed divine direction to their undeniable success.

Provision answers to vision and GOD wants to give you vision for your life.

GOD provides for the vision He gives, and if you follow His leading you will walk in the realm of divine favour and provision.

Do you now see why you can’t fail?

Even in the midst of economic melt down you will be rising up, because when others are saying a casting down you will be experiencing and saying a lifting up.

One of my favourite scripture that gives me hope of GOD’s favour and provision is Isaiah 60:1-3 it says;

Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is raise upon you. For behold, THE DARKNESS SHALL COVER THE EARTH , And DEEP DARKNESS THE PEOPLE ; But the LORD will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you. The Gentiles shall come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising. (Emphasis mine)

Until I began to follow GOD’s divine plan for my life I didn’t enjoy open doors, I didn’t see favour. Things were so difficult and there was no one to help.

I was just struggling but the moment I began to follow His plans for me, I didn’t need help anymore because He made me a helper to people.

My world opened up and that sense of fulfillment came alive in me,

I pray that you begin to experience the same thing in Jesus name.


Your helper will only come when you follow GOD’s plans for your life.

Calling your life helper is not a function of just praying it has a lot to do with following GOD’s plan for you.

My friend, I have come to a conclusion by conviction that no one can favour you except you find favour with GOD.

Destiny Helpers answers to Divine purpose and a man of purpose is a man that attract destiny builders.

Until you decide and make plans to build, engineers, bricklayers and servers to lay the building blocks will not come. This is a perfect illustration of how life works; people don’t just help you until you help them by being valuable,

“Until you become valuable you can’t attract investors, who we call life helpers, they are actually investors, destiny investor”

There’s got to be something to work on, many people have been praying for divine or destiny helpers when they should be praying for GOD’s plan for their lives.

The Bible say your gift will bring you before great men (helpers) but you must first have a purpose and plan so that GOD can call your helpers.

If not for Joseph’s leadership gift which he build over time he couldn’t have been valuable to pharaoh, and Joseph got it by divine direction, so was David and Daniel.

Read this testimony

There was a lady in our prayer group who had admission into the university last year, but because there was no fund to pay her fees and registration she dropped out from the admission.

This year she wrote Jamb again and her result was not released among may others, but something happened which made me know that GOD works in mysterious ways.

She called me within the week that her result was not released even though we prayed, I was a little disturbed but the Word of the Lord came to my heart as I sat down during our Bible study in church

As I wondered what I will tell her, I heard in my spirit “everything works together for good for those that love GOD”.

It might not look pleasant but it will surely turn out for our good, this words and other words I used to admonish her asking her to have faith.

When we met the following Sunday to pray, she shared her testimony with us and she said someone came to her to give her money to buy nursing school form, she said the person promised to foot the bill for her schooling.

 Also that while she goes to get the nursing school form, she should also wait for the jamb and by the time jamb is out she can make her choice of going to the university or staying in the nursing school.

Two things happened here, number one is GOD’s direction. Number two is divine provision, which is to say that when GOD directs and leads He makes provision.

I pointed these two things out to the lady and ask her to go and pray personal prayer to get GOD’s direction clearly.

We need to cultivate the habit of asking GOD first before taking any decision to avoid mistakes in life.


GOD said to me very clearly, the path way for deliverance is to follow my plan for your life. Backing it with this scripture;

And being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled. 2 Corinthians 10:6

Until you obey GOD by doing what He asks you to do you won’t have victory over the forces of darkness.

“Nothing works when we disobey GOD, he doesn’t answer anymore except you do what he says”.

Is He not the one that answers the prayer? It’s our responsibility to pray and its His to answer and He says because you refuse to listen to Me I will not listen to you.

Your deliverance is in following His leading, plan and purpose for your life

See how it played out in the case of the Jewish captives in Egypt, GOD said to Pharaoh by the hand of Moses; let my people go so that they can go and serve me. Exodus 8:1

Now the freedom of Israel was based on serving Him which is His plan for them, you can see from the scriptures that whenever Israel derailed from GOD’s divine plan for their lives they fall back to slavery.

So the pathway to deliverance is to follow GOD’s plans and direction for your life.


If you want to see good and amount to something in your life, the key is to follow GOD’s plans and direction for your life. For we are nothing without Him, absolutely nothing, because the seemingly overwhelming challenges of life will over power us without GOD.

We run a risk of losing it all when we do not follow His leading and direction, the Bible says; as many that are led by the Spirit of GOD are Sons of GOD. Remember, Trust the LORD and lean not on your own understanding but acknowledge the LORD in all your ways and He will direct your path.

Take a glance again at all the points discussed so far below;


  • GOD Wants To Give You A Fulfilled And A Struggle Free Life.
  • He Wants You To Fulfill Purpose And Be Successful.
  • He Doesn’t Want You To Fail In Life
  • GOD Direction Leads to GOD’s Provision and Favour.
  • You Attract Your Life and Destiny Helpers by Following GOD’s Plan and for Your Life.
  • You Are Delivered from Captivity When You Follow GOD’s Direction for Your Life.

My prayer for you

Father Lord, The GOD in whom all blessing flow, thank you for this your direction made available for all your children. Here is your child, show this your child Your will for his or her life and give this fellow the faith to follow you. Also give this child of your wisdom to discern your leading so as to follow you through to the very end .

All these I pray in Jesus name, Amen

Prayer point

  • Thank you LORD for your plan and purpose for my life
  • Show me your plan for my life
  • Help me by giving me the faith and wisdom to follow your leading
  • Help me fulfill your plan for my life

Pray these prayers in Jesus name with an open heart to Him.

GOD bless you

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